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|Upperhouse      = Senate
|Upperhouse      = Senate
|Lowerhouse      = House of Representatives
|Lowerhouse      = House of Representatives
|Senators        = 6
|Senators        = 3
|Representative  = 3
|Representative  = 6
|TimeZone        = Eastern Standard Time (-1:00)
|TimeZone        = Eastern Standard Time (-1:00)
|TZDesc          =  
|TZDesc          =  

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State of Acara
Cartadanian: Estado da Acara
Charentais: État d'Acara
Flag of Acara State seal of Acara
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Bay State
Motto(s): Gens una, unus populus.
One nation, one people.
State song(s): "Terra da baía"
Map of Cartadania with Acara highlighted
Official language
(and largest city)
Largest metroGreater Dorado Metro Area
AreaRanked 21st
 • Total88,404.45 km2
(34,133 mi2)
 • Width442.8 km (275.1 miles)
 • Length259.6 km (161.3 miles)
PopulationRanked 21st
 • Total5,094,115
 • Density149.2/km  (57.6/mi2)
Ranked 19th
 • Median household income$44,804 ()
 • Highest pointMonte Silva
2,876 m (9,435.7 ft)
 • Mean589 m  (1,932.4 ft)
 • Lowest pointUrlazio Sea
sea level
Admission to Cartadania28 April 1769 (8th)
GovernorAlejandró Suez
Lieutenant GovernorSévon Delosreyes
LegislatureAcara State Legislature
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Representatives
Cartadania Senators3
Cartadania Câmara delegation6 (list)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (-1:00)
AbbreviationsAC, Aca.

Acara, officially the State of Acara (Cartadanian: Estado da Acara; Charentais: État d'Acara), is a state of Cartadania, located in the lower Charente region on the island of Urlazio. It is the 21st largest state by area and the 21st most populous of the 31 states. As of March 2038, the population of Acara was estimated to be 5.1 million. Acara is bordered to the north by Milan and Aleira, to the east by Treviso, and to the south and west by the Urlazio Sea. It's capital and largest city is Dorado, with a population of approximately 413,000. Its metropolitan area has a population of 959,000.

On 28 April 1769, Acara became the eighth state to admitted into Cartadania and the second state to form from the Charente territory. By 1800, it had become the largest producer of Coffee in Cartadania, accounting for 26% of the nation's yield. It is still one of the largest coffee producing states in the country today, largely due to Acara's rural nature. The state is not very urbanized and a large portion of its economy is based on agriculture. A majority of its 83 counties are rural or suburban in nature, excepting those in the metro area of Dorado which are quite urban.

Acara lies entirely within the Urlazio coastal plain, and generally consists of lowland plains and low hills. The far northwestern portion of the state, at its tri-point with Aleira and Treviso, is the only mountainous portion of the state and contains it's highest peak, rising to 2,876 meters (~9,400 ft). The state lies mostly north of the equator, with a small portion of the Duschesne Peninsula extending across it. Acara has a mostly equatorial climate, with Monte Silva having a temperate climate.



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