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==Resident diplomatic missions==
==Resident diplomatic missions==
==See also==
==See also==
*[[Foreign Relations of Burgundie]]
*[[Foreign Relations of Insui]]
{{Foreign relations of Insui}}
{{Foreign relations of Insui}}

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Burgundie–Insui relations
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Burgundie–Insui relations refers to bilateral relations between the Thalassocracy of Burgundie and the Federative Republic of Insui.

The two countries are committed to strengthening their bilateral cooperation in the areas for which working groups have been created, including nuclear and renewable energy, technological innovation, medicine, and the environment.

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Political cartoon from the mid 19th century depicting the bond formed in their support for each others independences


Relations between Burgundie and Insui began with the arrival of Burgundian merchants in Alexandria (present day city of Portsmouth) in the 1090s where a trade route was established for coffee, salt, spices, and many other goods. Although Insui was a province of Caphiria at the time, its semi-autonomous government began to build a bond with the Burgundian government and its people. From the 1110s to the 1450s, Caphiria's trade relationship with Urcea deteriorated drastically due to the split of the Imperial Church from the Urcean Catholic Church. As a result, Burgundian and Kistani merchan mariners began to fulfill Caphirian orders for Levantine goods. This also began to strengthen the relationship between them. In the 1356, Caphirian and Urcean merchants ended hostility and repaired ties as the church was reunified. Consequently, the Burgundian market share in Caphiria as a whole began to shrink, decreasing profits. Adding to this, the Kuhlfrosi government suppressed Burgundian international trading, causing Burgundie to focus more on local trading. During this period, the people of the Insuian province began to feel isolated within Caphiria as the government focused its attention in more central provinces.

The government of Caphiria, looking to unite its people, sought to suppress the Insuian uprisings occurring across the province. The differences between those living in Central Caphiria and Insui proved to be too great. The Insuian people had adopted their own language and many other customs that made them stand out from other Caphirians. In lieu of this, Insui separated from Caphiria in 1671, marking the first full separation of an autonomous unit from the empire. It's first unifying body was codified the following year.

Much like Insui, Burgundie also sought independence, separating itself from Kuhlfros during the Northern Levantine Mediazation War. As Burgundie began its rapid growth, it began to search for strong trade partners to establish financial independence. Having gone through a similar situation, Insui was the first nation to recognize the legitimacy of the Burgundian government in 1812. The two nations did a lot of trade and cultural sharing following this, much as they do today.

By the 1840s, Burgundian trade ships were a common sight in Insuian ports, bringing lots of goods from distant places such as Audonia, Punth, and Northern Crona. Simultaneously, Insui's coffee industry exploded as a result of Burgundian purchasing. The trade deals between the two facilitated a new age in consumer goods, with Burg helping Insui in distribution of many products, as well as Insui saturating Ixnay with goods from Burgundie.

The 2020s were characterized by the establishment of ARGUS, an international education agreement between Insui and Burgundie (along with Monteangelo), that lessened the burden of attaining higher education abroad with the goal of reinforcing cultural and linguistic characteristics. The relationship between the two nations has a long, deep history that is ever-evolving.

Money relations

Cultural relations

Military cooperation

Education cooperation

While not a new concept, education trading between Burgundie and Insui has seen a spark in recent years. With the institution of intergovernmental organizations, such as ARGUS, the ability of students from the nations to attend schools in the other country has been made much easier.

Scientific cooperation

Resident diplomatic missions

See also

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