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Cronan Lira
Kronalira , Ah̹ʋɲas̹ tɬɨra
AM 100 dram Ag 2003 Bank b.png
Currency boardAtrassic Monetary Commission
Date of introduction21209
User(s) Chappaqua
Mid-Atrassic Crona
North Atrassic Crona
Coins₤⅒, ₤½, ₤1, ₤5, ₤10
Banknotes₤1, ₤5, ₤10, ₤20, ₤100
MintFederal Mint (KR)

The Cronan lira is the currency of certain countries and territories in eastern Crona, including the independent country of Chappaqua and the Kiravian-administered territory of Mid-Atrassic Crona.

The Cronan lira operates on a currency board system, and is pegged to the saar within a narrow band of variation. The currency is guaranteed by the Kiravian Treasury, which holds the currency's reserves at the Reserve Bank of Kirav. The lira is issued under the authority of the Atrassic Monetary Commission, whose offices are currently located inside the Reserve Bank of Kirav building in Valēka.