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Imperator in 2037
BornMaglius Balvitena
(2000-04-29)April 29, 2000
Juleone, Sennium, Caphiria
Years active2017-2020 (Gladiatorial combat)
2020-present (Professional wrestling)
2026-present (Actor)
EmployerFederation Rasslin Yonderre (FRY)
Height1.99 m (6 ft 6 in)
Weight128 kg (282 lb)
SpouseErika Balvitena (née von Seir)
(m. 2022)

Maglius Balvitena, better known by his stagename Imperator, is a Caphiric-born professional wrestler, actor and former gladiator. Imperator practiced MMA as a teen and began as a mid-tier amateur gladiator in the unarmed combat division in 2017.

Imperator began his wrestling career in 2020 when he was noticed by a FRY talent scout and invited to Collinebourg to meet with FRY executive Arsenne de Manne. Imperator subsequently joined the Federation Rasslin Yonderre (FRY), from where early on he gained fame under the ring name Imperator. Imperator was one of the leading characters of the emerging Octane Generation and became a six-time world champion by winning the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the FRY Championship twice, most recently in 2035.

Balvitena started his acting career in 2026 with Day of the Dragon and has since acted in several films. Balvitena is often typecast as brutish characters, typically as a top henchman to the film's villain.

Early Life

Maglius Balvitena was born in Juleone, Caphiria, on the 29th of April, 2000, as the eldest son of cobbler Rusciprio Balvitena and secretary Carnellia Balvitena (née Pernardi). His family was relatively poor and lower middle class, but Imperator regardless had an average school education. He began MMA training as an 11 year old and found that he was highly suited for it. He soon had aspirations to become a gladiator. He began training for gladiatorial combat soon after, taking a particular liking to the unarmed combat division.

Gladiatorial career

Imperator began his gladiatorial career in 2017 in Juleone's amateur circles, fighting exclusively in the unarmed combat division. He was a strong technical fighter, using faints and MMA techniques to outmaneuver his opponents. He was particularly good at grappling and forcing his opponents to the ground. It was after such a match in early 2020 that he was approached by a FRY talent scout who had heard of him from other local gladiators. Imperator was invited to meet with FRY executive Arsenne de Manne in Collinebourg, an offer that he took, flying to Yonderre that march.

Professional wrestling career

Balvetina performing a vertical suplex on Barrir

Training and early career

Imperator trained under Insuian FRY Hall of Famer DiMarco whose daredevilish high flyer techniques fit well with Balvetina's background as a gladiator. Playing on his Caphiric background, he developed the character of Imperator with the help of FRY executive Arsenne de Manne. He fought his first match in the Summer of 2020 in an untelevised event in Famichez, defeating Limeniere. Imperator quickly became a popular wrestler with the audience and so moved up the rankings of FRY, becoming a staple of televised shows by late 2022. During this period, Imperator would often perform in two-man tag team matches with Ferroman, with whom he would later feud.

World Championships

Imperator won his first World Heavyweight Championship in the 2024 FRY Summer Slam, defeating Gillaume Harenge. Imperator would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship again in 2026 aganist Ferroman, 2029 and 2033.

Imperator won the FRY Championship for the first time in 2030 fighting Fulcaire. The 18 minute match saw Imperator dominate Fulcaire who was clearly having an off day, finishing him off with a piledriver that left Fulcaire with a migraine that lasted two weeks.

Imperator narrowly defeated Iron Rawdurik in the 2035 FRY Championship after a 35 minute match, finally cracking the Diamavyan wrestler's defence with a quick snap-suplex followed with a springboard moonsault from the top rope, afterwhich Imperator managed to secure his opponent for the three count.


Imperator feuds on and off with Ferroman with whom he had previously formed a two-man tag team. The feud took off after Imperator defeated Ferroman and earned his second World Heavyweight Championship at the 2026 Slamtober Fest. The feud ultimately culminated in a Bull Rope match with Imperator retaining his championship, although it would late reemerge. The feud is one of the most popular in FRY.

Imperator feuds with Diamavyan fellow FRY superstar Iron Rawdurik and has done so ever since Imperator defeated Rawdurik in the 2035 FRY Championship match. Like with the Imperator-Ferroman feud, the Imperator-Iron Rawdurik feud is extremely popular with FRY's audiences who laud it for its intensity.

Professional wrestling style and persona

Imperator after winning the 2035 FRY Championship

Playing on his Caphiric background, Imperator developed his on-stage character with the help of FRY executive Arsenne de Manne. Imperator's on-stage character is somewhere in between a face and a Heel, fighting fair and generally avoiding unsportsmanlike behaviour. As part of FRY's Octane Generation, Imperator fought energetically and with a lot of showmanship unlike the previous Spiteful Generation.

Acting career

Imperator has appeared in eleven films and several TV series, often playing as his on-stage persona in the latter. Most notably, he starred as the villain in the 2026 fantasy action movie Day of the Dragon, his debuting role. Although the film received mix responses, Imperator and his performance was praised as one of the strongest points of the film.

Personal life

Imperator is married to Erika Balvitena (née von Seir), with whom he has five children. The family owns a large house in Collinebourg's Nouvelle-Estia neighbourhood as well as a summer home outside Gabion, Vandarcôte, on the coast of lake Vandarch. Imperator became a Yonderian citizen in 2023 at the recommendation of FRY executive Arsenne de Manne. In 2024 he secured the travel- and migration documents for his parents, for whom he bought a house on the western outskirts of Collinebourg.

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