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|merged            =  
|merged            =  
|successor          =  
|successor          =  
|headquarters      = 15 East Park Street, Tonbarra, Thenrya
|headquarters      = №9, 15-''ram'', East Park, Tonbarra, Thenrya
|newspaper          = Imperial Gazette
|newspaper          = Imperial Gazette
|student_wing      =  
|student_wing      =  

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Imperial Federation Party
Vādurivundiārkax Plaiduv
Secretary-GeneralIvometur L.C.P. Carelian
Headquarters№9, 15-ram, East Park, Tonbarra, Thenrya
NewspaperImperial Gazette
Membership  (21204)240,283
IdeologyImperial federation
National conservatism
Settler colonialism
Federal CadreConservatives and Reformists
ColorsDark Slate Grey
Slogan'That We May Achieve Greatness'
Federal Stanora
1 / 545
Thenrya State Congress
28 / 130
Countyship Commissions
62 / 235

The Imperial Federation Party is a political party that contests elections in the state of Thenrya. Though not a single-issue party, the defining feature of the IFP's platform is its proposal to resolve longstanding disputes about the Stanoral representation of the overseas states, federalism, and the relative powers of state and federal governments through constitutional reforms creating a multicameral imperial federation. On the Federal level, it is a member of the Conservatives and Reformists Group.