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Jean-Yves Forvert
Forvert in 2020
Born(1940-05-12)May 12, 1940
Toubourg, Yonderre
DiedSeptember 29, 2025 (aged 85)
Nouvelle-Estia, Yonderre
OccupationActor, writer, theatre manager
Years active1959-2019
SpouseEdith le Fêvre
(1965–his death)

Jean-Yves Forvert (May 12, 1940 – September 29, 2025) was a Yonderian Opus-winning actor, writer and theatre manager noted for his long and succesful career in Yonderian cinema. Forvert became a household name in Yonderre with the 1964 film Me and the girl where he met his future wife Edith le Fêvre, although it wasn't until 1978 that he achieved his international breakthrough with the film How I (almost) started the Second Great War, playing the role of Jacques de Bois, a role he would find himself associated with for the rest of his life. Forvert has appeared in 184 films and television series and remains one of the most prolific actors of Yonderian cinema. He withdrew from acting in 2019, citing his advanced age as the reason. His very last film, A man called Pierre released in 2020 to great critical acclaim. Forvert published his memoirs, entitled My life as Jean-Yves Forvert, in 2022.

In 1972 Forvert created the People's Theatre in Collinebourg and managed it until 2019, the year he withdrew from acting. The People's Theatre remains a stark contrast to the theatres of Collinebourg at large, which Forvert percieved as snobbish and too excluding to the average person. Forvert suffered from type 1 diabetes and was a proponent of the research into treating the illness, donating handsomely to the pharmaceutical company Nova and actively partaking in the company as a shareholder.

Early life

Jean-Yves Forvert was born on May 12, 1940 into a working class family in Toubourg, Amarre. Jean-Yves' parents were accountant Renault Forvert and seamstress Marie Forvert (née Reichardt). He recieved a normal education in Toubourg and took up drama lessons in 1955. Forvert served with the Guard Cuirassier Division of the Yonderian Defence Force as a conscript tanker in 1958.


Early career

He began his career in acting the following year, joining the troupe of the Grand Theatre in 1959. His spell there would be short however, as Forvert left in 1961 after disagreeing with the working conditions there. In 1961 Forvert appeared in his first film, playing the supporting role Richard in the youth drama We didn't mean to. His portrayal of supporting role Leon in The Baroness on the run earned him the attention of director Thibaut le Fêvre, who cast Forvert in the leading role of his romantic comedy Me and the girl, where he played opposite Edith le Fêvre, the director's daughter. The two entered into a life-long relationship during the making of the film and married the following Summer. The film was a massive success and secured Forvert many future acting parts.

Career peak and decline

Forvert with Kirsten Sandt and Edith le Fêvre in 1970

Following the success of Me and the girl, Forvert played the leading role in countless films throughout the 1960s and 70s, most notably in All the Duke's men, The Road to Sarpedonia, Driving out oil, What do you mean we're flying? and most notably How I (almost) started the Second Great War, an Opus-award winning film that made Forvert internationally famous. Forvert found much success in this period playing the leading character in comedy films and frontier films.

After the success of How I (almost) started the Second Great War, Forvert attempted to capitalize on his newfound stardom internationally but failed to deliver, with many of the films he appears in throughout the 1980s being widely regarded as "mediocre at best". In 1987 Forvert decided to step back from acting in films to focus on the theatre instead.


Forvert made a comeback on film with the 1992 film Team Joanus wherein he portrayed a General of the Yonderian Defence Force. The film was a major success and restarted his career as a film actor. He appeared in several films throughout the 1990s and 2000s, often playing mentor-type charactors or villains. During this period, Forvert took a step back from theatre acting, instead preferring to write and direct plays, notably The Sun never sets. Forvert played his last role in cinema in the 2020 film A man named Pierre, which was critically acclaimed worldwide.


Following the wrapping up of A man named Pierre, a film Forvert had in part written, he announced to the world that he was retiring, stating that "[he] can no longer keep up with the hustle and bustle of film-making". Forvert retired to his manor in Nouvelle-Estia and lived a relatively quite life with his wife Edith le Fêvre. He released his memoir, My life as Jean-Yves Forvert, in 2022.


Forvert died on September 29, 2025 after a brief illness. An autopsy later revealed that the cause of his death was kidney failure. Forvert was buried in his native Toubourg with more than 50,000 attending a funeral march to pay their respects. Grand Duke Auguste IV de Somua called Forvert's death "a terrible loss for the culture of Yonderre". The Collinebourg Gazette posted a two-page obituary and a further eight pages detailing the life and career of Forvert. Forvert's widow Edith le Fêvre was guest of honour at the subsequent Jean-Yves Forvert Festival which screened many of his films.

Personal life

Forvert married Edith le Fêvre in 1965. The couple moved in together in the Nouvelle-Estia neighbourhood of Yonderre's capital Collinebourg. They had three children, including actor Henry Forvert and Army of the Air General Phillip Forvert.

Forvert struggled with alcoholism throughout the early 1980s, a struggle that became very public when he fell of stage during a production of Don't cry for me in 1983. He was able to ween himself off of day-drinking, although he did not become a teetotaler.


Forvert suffered from type 1 diabetes that he developed when he was 22. The illness came as a shock as there were no known cases of the disease in the immediate family. Forvert had been cast for a role in One night in Willing but had to back out as he was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. He recovered after a spell in hospital. The illness would follow him for the rest of his life however, and lead Forvert to invest heavily in the pharmaceutical company Nova.


Selected filmography