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[[Category: Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea]]
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Kingdom of Gassavelia

Regnum Gassavelicum
Flag of Gassavelia
Royal Flag of Gassavelia
Gassavelia 1545.png
Location of Gassavelia within the Holy Levantine Empire in 1545
Common languagesLatin
Old Persian
Old Gaelic
Protestantism (from 1531)
Catholicism (to 1531)
GovernmentFeudal monarchy
• 1071-1119
Seoirge I
• 1550-1568
Gaspare VII
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Eagaria
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Duchy of Martilles
County Palatine of Pumbria
County of Le Ax-Canbon
Duchy of Marialanus
Today part ofUrcea

The Kingdom of Gassavelia was a monarchy in southern Levantia and was part of the Holy Levantine Empire. Formed out of Hištanšahr in the aftermath of the War of the Three Princes, Seoirge Ashrafioun was crowned the first King of Gassavelia by the Pope, bringing the Persianid realm into the Levantine cultural orbit and incorporating the realm into the Holy Levantine Empire. A powerful and expansive Kingdom, Gassavelia was an extremely influential part of the southern Holy Levantine Empire, but beginning in the 13th century it began to undergo significant religious strife, and in 1531 it became Protestant. In the wake of the Nordmontaine War, Gassavelia formed the Protestant Union with Urcea. It was a major participant in the Great Confessional War, during which time the Kingdom was defeated and partitioned. The western half became the state of Gassavelia in Urcea, whereas the eastern portion became Faramount, a constituent part of Burgundie.


As part of the shift towards Levantia and Catholicism after Seoirge Ashrafioun's victory in the War of the Three Princes, the Persianid cultural mores of Hištanšahr, which had been in decline for centuries, were replaced with Latinic and Gaelic traditions. As part of this, the term "Gassavelia" was the Latinized exonym for Hištanšahr dating back to the mid 8th century. With the realm shifting into Levantia's orbit, Gassavelia was adopted as the official title of the newly founded Kingdom in 1071.