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|[[File:Сухой Су-27-30-32-34-35-37, Воронеж - Балтимор RP64321.jpg|frameless|200x200px]]
*This design was licensed from [[Yonderre]] in 2016 for domestic production.
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|{{wp|Mikoyan MiG-31|LTK-31}}
|{{wp|Mikoyan MiG-31|LTK-31}}

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The list of equipment of the Federal People's Army contains military equipment currently in service with the Federal People's Army of Orenstia.

Federal People's Ground Forces


Name Type Photo Number in service Years in service Notes
T-16 Main battle tank T-14 prototype from above.JPG 2,350 2016-present
T-13 Main battle tank Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 (42054365704).jpg 650 1982-present
  • To be phased out by 2040 in favour of the T-16.

Infantry fighting vehicles

Name Type Photo Number in service Years in service Notes
BKI-3 Infantry fighting vehicle Alabino22042016-16.jpg 2,215 1990-present
  • Intended to replace the BKI-2, although no clear timeframe has been issued by the FPA.
SV-1 Infantry fighting vehicle BVP М80А VS.jpg 900 1982-present
  • Not federally developed, produced by Karvan Heavy Industries.
  • All vehicles currently in service were modernized in 2020.
BKI-2 Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 tank at the Open landmachtdagen 2010.jpg 1,300 1979-present
  • The FPA will modernize over a thousand vehicles and place the rest in reserve.

Personnel carriers


Utility vehicles

Federal People's Navy






Hovercraft/Landing craft

Naval aircraft

Name Type Photo Number in service Years in service Notes
LSK-22M Maritime strike bomber Ту-22М3.JPG 277 1972-present
  • Maritime strike bomber variant of the Air Force and Strategic Forces LSK-22M.
LTK-29K Carrier fighter Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29K ‘RF-92324 - 48 blue’ (36928677816).jpg 91 2005-present

Federal People's Air Force


Name Type Photo Number in service Years in service Notes
LTK-144 Fighter aircraft LTK 144.jpg 377 2032-present
LTK-29 Fighter aircraft MiG-29 at Preschen (East Germany) in 1990 (11031979596).jpg 642 1992-present
FS-14 Fighter-bomber Сухой Су-27-30-32-34-35-37, Воронеж - Балтимор RP64321.jpg 122 2016-present
  • This design was licensed from Yonderre in 2016 for domestic production.
LTK-31 Interceptor aircraft MiG-31 790 IAP Khotilovo airbase.jpg 51 1976-present
  • The design was licensed to the Pelaxian Armed Forces in 2038.

Federal People's Strategic Forces

Strategic aircraft

Strategic missiles

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