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[[Category:Historical eras]]
[[Category:Historical eras]]
[[Category:Strategy and Tactics]]
[[Category:Strategy and tactics]]

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The Metaorizonal Age of naval combat refers to the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st century. It refers to the fact that combat ranges became standardized to over the horizon. At its earliest extent it is tied to the advent of the long-range carrier based aircraft and shipborne missiles, generally understood to be the Great War, but is definitively determined to be the late 1970s and beyond. From their primitive form as a repurposed ship with a flattop retrofit the aircraft carrier changed the face of naval warfare. In particular, the innovation of carrier-based jet aircraft brought about the start of the Metaorizonal Age. As missile technology improved, their ranges and accuracy improved, and their technology became more ubiquitous, the age of massive ship to ship broadsides ended. Powerful warheads rendered even the most powerful armor moot and heralded the end of the Age of Battleships.



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