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{{Infobox monarchy
{{Infobox monarchy
| royal_title        = King  
| royal_title        = King  

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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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King of Norkrond
Krönek ve Norkrond
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Krajlud I of Norkrond
since 4th of October 2021
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveIrzad Vjasgör
First monarchAtalryd I Svardrad
Pretender(s)Gojnyr Svardrad, Hekdor Svardrad

The monarchs of Norkrond are currently members of the House of Vjasgör who succeeded the Svardrad Dynasty as the hereditary rulers of the Zwallo-Cronan state of Norkrond which has been ruled by Kings from its founding in 1340 as the Kingdom of Norkrond. The Kingdom had evolved out of the Zwallerkaddian states located along the northern coast of the Cronan continent. The Zwallerkaddian states had formed into a confederation led by the Grand Prince of Zektopol, the last of which crowned himself king of Norkrond when severing the ties with the Zwallerkaddian motherland. When the main line of Norkronder Svardrads died out in 1575, the Kingdom passed to Jarl I Heneriks of Burgundie, instead of a different branch of the family, who also reigned as Archdukes of Burgundie in the Holy Levantine Empire. While still nominally two different territories, Norkrond and Burgundie, the two states are known together historiographically as Norkrond-Burgundie. Following the First Svardrad Restoration, a series of treaties returned House Svardrad to the throne and reunited Norkrond. As the Norkronder state grew through several wars and diplomatic moves throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, it became apparent that Norkrond had become a major regional Power. Thus it remained until 1937, when in the aftermath of the Fakolan Seccession War, the King of Norkrond Jözik Nezdor I was crowned Kronan Emperor in an attempt to have Norkrond fill the assumed power vacuum on Crona. This style was only retained for one year and one month, however, after which other Cronan powers forced Norkrond back in line during the War of the Broken Crown. Following the Norkronder revolution the Svardrads returned yet by then Norkrond had lost most of its territoriesand geopolitical power. From that point forward, though the Kingdom of Norkrond retained its status as a constituent state, Norkrond has been regarded a rump state and a minor regional power. In 2021 Krajlud of House Vjasgör usurped the throne from king Wras I, showing the weakness of the kingdom. He has ruled ever since though recently he has been found in ill health and Chancellor Ghyrad Mörsseyn has been appointed his Regent.

List of Kings of Norkrond:

House Svardrad

Atalryd I (1340 - 1382) ‘The Protector’
Atalryd II (1382 - 1403) ‘The Head-taker’
Atalryd III (1403 - 1409) ‘The Turd’
Atalryd IV (1409 - 1452) ‘The Cruel’
Atalryd V (1452 - 1477) ‘The Lawmaker’
Vrunud I (1477 - 1481) ‘The Earth-eater’
Grasjkar I (1481 - 1493) ‘Skullcrusher’
Atalryd VI (1493 - 1498) ‘The Short’
Dagonar I (1498 - 1548) ‘The Great’
Ruvozun I (1548 - 1556) ‘The Ruined’
Grasjkar II (1556 - 1561) ‘The Weak’
Queen Alzaja (1561 - 1575) ‘The She-Eagle’

House Heneriks

Jarl I (1575 - 1589) ‘The King-across-the-sea’
Jarl II (1590 - 1610) ‘The Thrice-crowned’
Riener I (1611 - 1636) ‘The Unitor’
Regentess Hildegeart of Helvianir (1637 - 1645)
Riener II (1646 - 1668) ‘The Builder’
Riener III (1669 - 1670) ‘The Oppressor’

House Svardrad (First Restoration)

Lerzevan I (1670 - 1697) ‘The Restorer’
Lerzevan II (1697 - 1717) ‘Lawmender’
Albarad I (1717 - 1765) ‘The Illuminator’
Dagonar II (1765 - 1783) ‘The Pious’
Zig I (1683 - 1686) ‘The Quick-killed’
Albarad II (1686 - 1687) ‘The Dragon’
Ajngar I (1687 - 1696) ‘The Sulphurous’
Zig II (1696 - 1702) ‘The Stupid’
Zig III (1702 - 1718) ‘The White’
Hekdor I (1718 - 1788) ‘The Conqueror’
Vhuras I (1788 - 1814) ‘The Fiery’
Vhuras II (1814 - 1822) ‘The Bright’
Vhuras III (1822 - 1825) ‘The Burned’
Vhuras IV (1825 - 1835) ‘The Spurned’
Narkan I (1835 - 1860) ‘The Cousin’
Narkan II (1867 - 1868) ‘The Careless’
Albarad III (1868 - 1870) ‘The Promising’
Jözik Nezdor I (1870 - 1944) ‘The King of ashes’

Interregnum (1944 - 1947)

House Svardrad (Second Restoration)

Dröjan I (1947 - 1978) ‘The Sceptre’
Izevlud I (1978 - 1983) ‘The Drowned’
Dagonar III (1983 - 1997) ‘The Old’
Hekdor II (1997 - 2021) ‘The Beacon’
Wras I (2021) ‘The Idiot’

House Vjasgör

Krajlud I (2021 - Present) ‘The Usurper’