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Operation Thunderclap
Part of Operation Western Blizzard
DELTA Marksman 3.png
DELTA marksman overwatching a valley outside Khurnwah
Date12 January 2037
LocationKhurnwah, Algoquona

Yonderian Defence Force victory

Yonderre Algoquona
Commanders and leaders
Eberhard von Willing Aslak Tupilak 
Units involved

Shield of Joanus.png Yonderian Defence Force

Aslak Tupilak's militia
10 AMS-72 combat helicopters
1,000 - 1,500
Casualties and losses
5 wounded 50+ killed, 200+ wounded, 12 captured (Yonderian sources)
3 dead, 11 wounded civillians

Operation Thunderclap (Burgoignesc: Operation Droncer) was a raid performed by operators of Yonderre's DELTA Special Forces unit against the Algoquonan warlord Aslak Tupilak. The intention of the operation was to capture alive Tupilak and as many of his top Lieutenants as possible by rapidly assaulting their forward command centre. Tupilak was killed in action when he fired back at DELTA operators, but other top militia bosses were captured and swiftly extracted from the area of operations.

Operation Thunderclap

DELTA operators were deployed by helicopter in the dark of night at the compound-style improvised forward headquarters of Tupilak's militia on the outskirts of Khurnwah and wasted no time in assaulting the FHQ. Using flashbang grenades the DELTAs were able to take several prisoners, among them high ranking members of Tupilak's militia, but Tupilak himself was killed with seven shots from a FAMAG rifle as he returned fire when DELTAs breached his office. The body of Tupilak was recovered, photographed and transported to the Sentinelle helicopter carrier where it was eventually disposed of into the sea in a weighted bodybag.

While the DELTA forces were assaulting the compound on the ground, the ten AMS-72 combat helicopters circled the area, engaing all traffic moving into and out of the area. This action resulted in the majority of casualities afflicted on the militia forces. When DELTA ground forces signaled that they had finished their sweep, ten minutes and thirty seconds after entering the compound, the helicopters landed again, picking up the ground element and exfiltrating south east.


The operation was first reported on two hours after its conclusion by the Collinebourg Gazette which had been tipped off via a Marine Yonderre leak. It was later confirmed officially in a press statement issued by the Yonderian Defence Force who confirmed the validity of the previous leak and provided additional details about the operation. The operation was described as a major success and a war winning action by analysts, with Collinebourg Gazette's war correspondent Pierre Tantre concluding that the operation "has crippled the militias in Khurnwah, potentially cutting weeks off of the war".

DELTA recieved much praise for their role in the operation, with Yonderian military publication Le Signaleuer stating "[b]y cutting off the head of the Algoquoanan serpent, DELTA has once again shown itself as the world's premiere special forces". Le Travailleuer, the newspaper of the Yonderian Worker's Party, took a different position, denouncing the operation as an assassination performed in an illegal war and condemning the Yonderian Defence Force for the civillians casualites caught in the crossfire.