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Philaridon Republic
Arms of the Philaridon Republic
Coat of arms
Philaridon 1545.png
Location of Philaridon within the Holy Levantine Empire in 1545
Common languagesÁbciwidar, Ecclesiastical Latin
Protestantism and Catholic‎‎ism
GovernmentMaritime republic
Serene Doge 
• 1679-1680
Matteo Gáuren
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Southern Kingdom of the Levantines
  1. ...

The Philaridon Republic was a maritime republic in Levantia and was part of the Holy Levantine Empire. The city of Philaridon, founded in antiquity, was included in the crown territory of the Southern Kingdom of the Levantines with the division of the Holy Levantine Empire in 917. Following the conquest of the Southern Kingdom and reestablishment of the Empire, the city was granted a special Charter by Emperor Leo I in 976. This Charter gave it Imperial immediacy and permitted the city to autonomously chose its own system of government, leading to the adoption of a plutocratic mercantile republic in the same year. The Republic became a major trade power in the Odoneru and expanded its holdings in Levantia as well. It was unable to effectively maintain religious unity during the Protestant reformation and lost most of its territory and autonomy after the Great Confessional War. From the late 15th century the Republic continued to exist but within the reduced borders of a city state, one mostly reliant on Urcea for grain supply and political support. The small remnant of the Republic was formally annexed into Urcea in 1680.

The maximum territory of the Republic is roughly akin to the modern province of Roscampus in Urcea.