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Ronan Cornelius Marcán
Mike Gianaris.jpg
Minority Leader of the Concilium Daoni
Assumed office
Jan 2036
MonarchKing Riordan VIII
Preceded byMichelle Colombo
Personal details
Born17 July 1992
Lissalici, New Audonia, Urcea
Political partySocial Labor Party

Ronan Cornelius Marcán (born July 17th, 1992) is a Urcean politician who currently serves as minority leader of the Concilium Daoni. He served an instrumental role in the 2035 Urcean political realignment, the organization of the Casanam Conference, and is widely considered to be the founder of the Social Labor Party as well as an icon of the Urcean left. He was a candidate for Procurator in the 2035 Urcean procuratorial election, but was defeated by James Fallshade.

Early life and career

2035 Procuratorial election

==Daoni minority leadership]]

Personal Life