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Battle of Ecinis Sea, ships raised by ship money

Ship money (Latin: navis pecuniam, Burg: argent de bauta) was a tax of medieval origin levied intermittently in parts of the Holy Levantine Empire and Caphiria until the middle of the 18th century. Assessed typically on the inhabitants of coastal areas of Caphiria, Kingdom of Latium, and the Kingdom of Urcea, it was one of several taxes that occidental monarchs could levy by prerogative without the approval of parliament/the nobility. Ship money was levied in times of war, often times when the monarchs of Caphiria and the Holy Levantine Empire were at war with each other.

In addition to traditional naval combat, Burgundie's predesessors on the south coast of the Kingdom of Latium used it during its periods of expansion in Audonia, Diamavya, and Punth.


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