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Supreme National Dome
Nacionālā Augstākā Dome
Emblem of Orenstia.svg
The emblem of Orenstia
Term limits
5 years
FoundedMay 1, 1935 (1935-05-01)
Chairman of the Supreme National Dome
Arvid Blumenthal
First-past-the-post and sortition
Last election
Meeting place
Reliant Astrodome in January 2014.jpg
State Astrodome, Cered, Varska

The Supreme National Dome is the de-jure highest governmental authority of the Republic of the Union of Orenstia. Under the single party rule of the League of Socialists of Orenstia, the Supreme National Dome and its now-dissolved Presidium (with its League majority) acted as the supreme governing body of the nation. Since then, the Dome has largely lost its power.

The sessions of the Supreme National Dome are now considered a formality; it largely approves the work of the National Council, the Congress of People's Deputies and the courts, although the Dome has on occasion impeached members and continues to hold the power to dissolve all three bodies. Dome members are elected through both non-partisan local and union elections and sortition for a five-year term. The 1000-member body meets in session every June for two weeks.