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Capital City
[[File: |250px]]
The Heartbeat, the Seat, Bloodline City of Helvana, Capital on the Inner Sea
“Let all those be welcomed with open arms.”
Pust' vsekh privetstvuyut s rasprostertymi ob"yatiyami
 • TypeMayor-council government
 • MayorStanislav Vitomarovich
 • BodyTurasava City Council

Turasava is the capital of the Soviet Federal Republic of Helvana, and the third-most populous city in Yytuskia-Hevlana, with a population of ((#)) in 2038 CE. The city is both the capital of Helvana, as well as one of the two dual capitals of the Dual Federal Republics alongside Hauptstadt-Muhl in Yytuskia. Turasava is a major centre for trade in north-western Levantia, connecting export and import businesses from inner-Helvana and Yytuskia to the international market via the Dia’s Canal Name to the Kilikas Sea.

Known locally as both the Bloodline or Heartbeat City - for its rivers linking deep into the country - Turasava has served as the capital of Helvana for roughly 800 years, ever since the Tsar chose the city to serve as the location for the Diet. After the revolution in 1906 CE, the city served as the location for the Federal Soviet, which seats representatives from every soviet council across the country, and continues to do so.

Located on a mostly flatlands area along the Lamburn River, the city’s downtown core is built around the two rivers running through the city, with the historic Turasava Technical University built on the aptly-named ‘University Island’ on the Gray Tributary. --Citys Geography (BRIEF) --

Turasava is a prominent center for the arts, theatre, and music, and is home to major Yytusche and Helvanic broadcasting companies and media outlets.

Since the first of the five Five-Year Plans in 1918, Turasava has modernized and expanded immensely, encompassing a large portion of the inner coastline of the Vandarch Sea. The city’s signature square-like block system, as well as the historical tram system are a direct result of these Five-Year Plans, as well as the heavily industrialized port. Trade and goods from the inner provinces are usually transported to the Turasava port, while imports are usually shipped out from the railyards there.