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! align="left"|[[ARGUS]]
! align="left"|[[ARGUS]]
| WIP|| All
| WIP|| All
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! align="left"|[[Burgundie–Insui relations]]
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| WIP|| All
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|- align="right"
! align="left"|[[Template:House of Christensen-Fakolan]]
! align="left"|[[Template:House of Palacin]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:First House of Christensen]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:Second House of Christensen]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:House of Christensen Heneriks]]
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| WIP|| All
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! align="left"|[[Template:Defense & Law Enforcement in Burgundie]]
! align="left"|[[Template:Defense & Law Enforcement in Burgundie]]
| WIP|| In-house links
| WIP|| In-house links
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company]]
| UTD|| 1/7/2019
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Kingdom of Latium]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Army of Burgundie]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Navy of Burgundie]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Airforce of Burgundie]]
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! align="left"|[[Template:Country data Defense Intelligence of Burgundie]]
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! align="left"|[[Saint Bran]]
! align="left"|[[Saint Bran]]
| WIP|| All
| WIP|| All
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! align="left"|[[Merchantile Reform Protestant]]
| WIP|| Spelfs face when he sees this here!!!

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MonumentsAll of it
EducationMaster of Science
Emergency Management
OccupationEmergency Manager
Years active2007-present
Notable workssee below
StyleGrand Master of the OOTL
Dean of Ixnay University and Head of Library & Archives
Archbishop of Banterbury​
Delegate Emeritus, Cartograher Emeritus
TitleGentleman Lore Farmer
TermJune 28, 2018-Present
September 1, 2017-January 20, 2018
SpouseMrs. Burg

Joined NS 2007, active on Lineart Inc 2007-2012, active RPer 2008-2012 (few NS RPs, Haven, Statesmenship).

A few storefronts that have been lost to the evil archives: Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering (original artwork), Cross Trucking Company (original artwork) and an automotive storefront (original artwork). Off-site I participated in a 1491 campaign as the Ottomans, a 1814 as the Prussians, a 1914 as the Austro-Hungarians (government and dissident factions), in a 1938 as the Free State of Ireland (government, the IRA, and the Blue Shirts), and in another WWII as the Norwegians.

Within Ixnay

  • Master of the Canon: July 21, 2016-December 31, 2016 and May 22, 2019-present
  • Consul: July 9, 2017-August 31, 2017
  • Grand Master of the Order of the Lore: March 16, 2017-Present
  • IxWiki Admin: August 1, 2017-Present
  • Cartographer: December 12, 2017- November 5, 2018
  • Delegate: January 1, 2017-August 31, 2017 and January 20, 2018-June 28, 2018
  • Ixnay's resident Gentlemen Lorefarmer: September 1, 2017-January 20, 2018, June 28, 2018-Present


Tables showing what I am working on:


Supernational Entities

Page status notes
Holy Levantine Empire WIP Article
Levantia WIP History
Punth WIP All
List of Nations UTD 12/4/2016
Greater Ixnay WIP History
The Burgundies WIP History


Page status notes
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UTD 3/16/17
Burgundie UTD 3/16/17
Ultmar WIP All
Kandara WIP UTD 10/31/16
Kharan-dun WIP All
Kagazi WIP All
Khatosthan WIP All
Pukhgundi WIP All
Chaukhira WIP 254,518km2
Umardwal WIP 938,537km2
Bulkh WIP 184,576km2
Bulkh People's Republic WIP 106,828km2
Battganuur WIP 924,311km2
Central Kandaran Republic WIP 978,191km2
Peshabiwar WIP 264,753km2
Piriyadhar WIP 359,640km2
Dhavastu WIP 330,141km2
Jalqolak WIP 495,082km2
Pursat WIP 743,549km2
Kulaparkar WIP 378,180km2
Tapakdore WIP 401,097km2
Shingtu WIP 237,732km2
Wonjin WIP 673,752km2
Xingkai'pei WIP 1,154,543km2
Mutsutori WIP 303,200km2
Shanjin WIP 473,179km2
Danehong WIP 685,033km2
Kantoto WIP 571,945km2
Khyarvi WIP 713,760km2
Norkrond WIP All
Flordeterra WIP All
Burgundian Latium WIP All


Page status notes
Isle of Burgundie WIP Article
Marialanus WIP Article
Wintergen WIP Article
Burdeboch WIP Article
Ayermer WIP Article
Sudmoll WIP Article
Port de Vent WIP Article
Novilla WIP Article
Adtaran WIP All
Bonavix WIP All
Cashen WIP All
Drusla WIP All
Eagaria WIP All
Esquinia WIP All
Nova Levantia WIP All
Pumbria WIP All
Argenbagne WIP All
Stewardship of Wintergen WIP Kirav is working on it
Levantx WIP Rework for Burg
GrofSee WIP All
Nauta Normand WIP All
Medimeria WIP All
Martilles WIP All
Daltmur WIP All
Marves WIP All
Roln WIP All
Hoheseen WIP All
Neu Burgund (province) WIP All
Monsunboch WIP All
Equitorial Burgundie WIP All


Cities of Burgundie‎

Page status notes
Vilauristre WIP Article
Bekshavn WIP Rename/Article
NordHalle WIP Rename/Article
Dorft WIP Rename/Article
Mattiusvale WIP All
Halsar WIP All
Pandesia WIP All
Morezza WIP All
Hadua WIP All
San Gomaina WIP All
Torantino WIP All
Estia WIP All
Burgen WIP All
Palacingarde WIP Rename/Article
Coryna WIP Rework for Burg
Ravenna WIP Rework for Burg
Port Levantia WIP All
Dormanshire WIP All
Drovan WIP All
Launglie WIP All
Groenrode WIP All
Le Havre Capucinie WIP All
Vileauguste WIP All
Granblaix WIP All
Santcecile WIP All
Madix WIP All
Castelmarsal WIP All
Le Ax-Canbon WIP All
Soix WIP All
Tariege WIP Assign
Sudmoll WIP All
Port de Vent WIP All
Nidus WIP All
Bealfort-Germais WIP All
Udienao WIP All

Former Entities

Page status notes
Holy Levantine Empire WIP All
New Burgundie WIP All
Kingdom of Ultmar WIP All
Kingdom of Angla WIP All
Latinia WIP All
Kingdom of Latium WIP All
Khandharan Empire WIP All
Oduniyyad Caliphate WIP All
Legatation of Ankivara WIP All
Magnolia WIP All
Magnia WIP All

Foreign Relations

Link status notes
Foreign Relations of Burgundie UTD 12/4/2016
Kharkaars WIP Kharkaars in Burgundie
Latin League WIP All
Progeny of Nations of Ixnay WIP Out of Date
Udunaic WIP All
Sinitalian people WIP All
Sondsteadish Tatars WIP All
Renauld Doctrine WIP All
Burgundie–Insui relations WIP All

Syndicalism is for the Poors

Page status notes
Economy of Burgundie WIP Article/Art
Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering WIP Article/Art
O'Shea Heavy Industrial Systems
*O’Shea Container Shipping
*O'Shea Infrastructure and Design
*O'Shea Operation Management Services
*O'Shea Maritime Academy
*O'Shea Chemical Research Facility
O'Shea International Services
WIP Article/Art
Cross Trucking Company WIP Article/Art
Beacon Business Continuity and Incident Management WIP All
Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps WIP All
Lansing Lines WIP All
Doppel Gangway WIP All
Merchant Marine of Burgundie WIP All
Glenness (Beer) WIP All
Palacin Holdings WIP All
Burgundian North Levantine Trading Company WIP All
Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company WIP All
Burgundian West Punth Trading Company WIP All
Burgundian Grand Crona Trading Company WIP All
List of Companies by Industry WIP More companies
International Racing Federation UTD 12/4/17
House of Elan WIP All
Germais Time WIP All
DeBonAire Airlines WIP All
National football team of Burgundie WIP All
AirMiles WIP All
Grand Isle International Airport WIP All

Deep A$$ Lore

Page status notes
History of Burgundie WIP Article
Order of the Lore (OOC) WIP All
Horse Breeds of Ixnay WIP All
Eavesdrop WIP All
List of years WIP All
Bergendii corsairs WIP All
Disaster sites in Burgundie WIP All
Rule, Bergendia! WIP All
Timeline of major events in Ixnay WIP All
Shipstory of Burgundie WIP All
Levantx Grand Prix WIP All
Ixnayan World Logging Championship WIP All
Culture in Burgundie
Cultural articles
Brother Auggie
Caffeine Consumption in Burgundie
Burgundian literature
Burgundian language
Vineyard Origin Accredidation
Burgundie Wine Region
Kilikas Brutalism
Art Nouveau in Burgundie
Institutions in Burgundie
Institutional articles
St. Cyril's Royal Academy of Butlership and Chauffeurage
Martillian Mafia
Cilgore family
Universitas Magistrorum
Waldemar Medical and Academic Area
Grandees of Burgundie
Grandees of Ultmar
City Rights and Town Privileges in Ultmar
Order of the WASP
Order of St. Çyr
Brotherhood of the Magnian Rite
Australis Research Facility
Borealis Research Facility
Science and Technology in Burgundie
Geography of Burgundie
Geographic articles
Belrac Caldera
Southern Spine
Llucian Mountain Range
Alvarian Strait
Feradach Channel
Paulian Coastal Plain
Paulus Peninsula
Eastern Plain
Sea of Odoneru
Istroyan Sea
Saint Elodie River
Saint Elodie Bay
Great Vinrgues Bay
Lesser Vinrgues Bay
Lesser Sarbeliard River
Belveil Falls
Mattius River
Saint Tomas River
People of Burgundie
People articles
Ryan O'Hanlen
Rioar Mortensen
Franc-Jean Hippolyte deBedecq
Viller Brettoux
Hercule St. Joulard
Fergal MacManus-Dechamps
Richard Ermont
Brainard-Ramsee de Capelan
Pasqual I
Haddock Palacin
Crown Princess Amelia
Template:House of Palacin

Government Articles

Page status notes
Government of Burgundie WIP All
Pasqual Palacin WIP Article
Constitution of Burgundie WIP All
Golden Council of Ten WIP All
List of Rulers of Burgundie WIP Redo
Haddock Christensen WIP All
Crown Princess Amelia WIP All
Order of precidence in Burgundie WIP All
Rosemary of Burgundie WIP All


Page status notes
Burgundian Security Forces
Ranks in the Burgundian Security Forces
Jaqueline Santems
National Gendarmerie of Burgundie
Military history of Burgundie
Army of Burgundie
List of Burgundian Army regiments
Great Prince's Own Royal Zwallerkaddian Foot Guard
Structure of the Burgundian Army
Modern equipment and uniform of the Burgundian Army
Burgundian Foreign Legion
Rhodainia Planters' Rifle Corps
Pursatni Royal Dragoon Scouts
Ultra Orthodox Battalions
Burgundian Oversees Qizilbashi Brigade
Luddite Life Grenadier Guards
Fire Seneschalcy of Burgundie
Navy of Burgundie
Burgundian Maritime Prefecture‎
List of icebreaker classes of the Navy of Burgundie
Royal Air Service WIP All
Revenue Guard
Burgundian Maritime Navigation Administration
Military history of Burgundie
Quds War
Great War
Operation Kipling
Operation Khyzer Rhykh
New Burgundie Secession War
Dragonnades in Ixnay
Southern Levantine Mediatization War
Development of armored warfare in Burgundie
Development of aircraft in Burgundie
Development of mine-resistant vehicles in Burgundie
Great Confessional War
Northern Cathar Purge‎‎
Lithuania Crisis
Kiro-Burgundian Wars
The Pukhtun Piracy and Smuggling Network
Pukhtun Mercenary Groups
Punthite Quasi-Wars
Latium Crisis
Second Bulkhan War
Emirati War
Second Gabbenian War


Link status notes
Template:Colonial Punth WIP All
Template:Ixnay UTD 3/12/2017
Template:Burgundian overseas territories WIP All
Template:Burgundie NavBox WIP All
Template:House of Palacin WIP All
Template:History of Burgundie WIP Update as I go
Template:Navy of Burgundie ship types WIP All
Template:Burgundian Army WIP All
Template:Navy of Burgundie WIP All
Template:Government of Burgundie WIP All
Template:Burgundian Military Units WIP All
Template:Timeline of major events in Ixnay WIP All
Template:Disasters WIP In-house links
Template:Defense & Law Enforcement in Burgundie WIP In-house links
Template:Country data Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company UTD 1/7/2019
Template:Country data Kingdom of Latium UTD 1/7/2019
Template:Country data Army of Burgundie UTD 1/7/2019
Template:Country data Navy of Burgundie UTD 1/7/2019
Template:Country data Airforce of Burgundie UTD 1/7/2019
Template:Country data Defense Intelligence of Burgundie UTD 1/7/2019

The Church

Link status notes
Levantine Catholic Church WIP All
Cathedral of St. Mattius WIP Article/Art
Order of the Obsidian Sparrow WIP All
Religious Primates of Ixnay WIP All
Christian Motorcyclists Association in Ixnay WIP All
Template:IXCrusades WIP All
Imperial Abbey of Costello WIP All
Levantine Catholic Dioceses in Burgundie WIP All
Pope Gregory XVII WIP All
St. Julius I WIP All
Saint Bran WIP All
Merchantile Reform Protestant WIP Spelfs face when he sees this here!!!