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* [[Stonne (Barony)]]<br>
* [[Stonne (Barony)]]<br>
* [[Spelph]]<br>
* [[Spelph]]<br>
* [[Kestrel Isles]]<br>
* [[Rachet d'Everard]]<br>

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Years active27 September 2019 - Present
Known for
SalaryNot enough by a long shot
Net worthSee above
Height1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Weight134 kg (295 lb)
TitleGrand Duke of Millore
AwardsPat Cronin Award
Order of the Lore
Yonderreball Mounted.png

Iander, Grand Duke of Millore PC KEK

Some say that Iander wasn't born, but rather that he was found in a discounted items bin priced at 4,99$

Atrocities I've committed

In order of appearance