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|predecessor2      =  [[Camron Accomendor]]
|predecessor2      =  [[Camron Accomendor]]
|successor2        =   
|successor2        =   
  | birth_date      =  
  | birth_date      = May 16th, [[2000]]
  | birth_place    = Anclaje Authorizado, [[Las Acronitas]], [[Diamavya]]
  | birth_place    = Anclaje Authorizado, [[Las Acronitas]], [[Diamavya]]
  | death_date      =  
  | death_date      =  

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The Esteemed
Violet Veníra
Violet Veníra.jpg
13th Vice Chancellor of Diamavya
Assumed office
October 24th, 2033
MonarchAlexander Chapeyev (2033-2036)
Amelia Al-Ahzmira (2036-)
Preceded byChris Adelrick
Leader of the Las Acronitas Revolutionaries
Assumed office
October 24th, 2037
MonarchAmelia Al-Ahzmira
Preceded byCamron Accomendor
Personal details
BornMay 16th, 2000
Anclaje Authorizado, Las Acronitas, Diamavya
Political partyLas Acronitas Revolutionaries
EducationUniversidad de Anclaje Autorizado
OccupationCOO, Politician, Political Strategist, PR Manager, Sales Executive

Violet Veníra is the current Vice Chancellor of Diamavya. She assumed office on October 24th, 2033. She is also the leader of the Las Acronitas Revolutionaries and assumed this position on October 24th, 2037 after Chancellor Camron Accomendor lost the party's leadership election.

Violet Veníra meeting with CEO of Diamavyan financial services and media conglomerate General Information.

Career before Politics

Violet Veníra began her career working jobs that kept her out of the spotlight more. She had a disdain for the world of politics that revolved around public appearances but was extremely sociable from a young age and was always good at social engineering. She was the valedictorian of her class and was widely regarded by both her class and her teachers as the most likable, charismatic, and sensible graduate. She quickly became a PR Manager for businessmen, businesswomen, politicians, and other notable figures. This is where she first met Carom Accomendor, a Lacronitine CEO of the Bank of the Anclaje, or BOTA. She acted as his PR Manager but quickly graduated to a Sales Representative of BOTA as Camron thought her skills would be better applicable with clients of the company. She quickly rose the ranks of the company and became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BOTA, under the guidance of Camron Accomendor. She became the face of BOTA for the years before she left the company along with Camron to pursue a career in politics. Camron asked her to join him in vying for leadership of the Las Acronitas Revolutionary Party. She agreed to join him as in her words, "He's an extremely smart guy but falls short when it comes to his public image. I knew I would find plenty of work if I joined him, and I was completely on board with it."

Violet Veníra at Camron Accomendor's inauguration in 2033.

Career in Politics

In 2033 along with Camron Accomendor becoming Chancellor, Violet Veníra became the 13th Vice Chancellor of Diamavya. Despite not being the head of the Diamavyan government, she took charge over the domestic policy of the country while Chancellor Accomendor focused on the country's foreign policy, especially in regard to the ongoing Crono-Diamav War. This has made Ms. Veníra far more popular in Diamavya coupled with the fact that she is far more sociable and charismatic than her counterpart. This resulted in her winning the leadership election for the Las Acronitas Revolutionaries, and with Camron Accomendor announcing that he would not pursue reelection political think tanks have been speculating that she will be the next Chancellor of Diamavya. Out of all the potential candidates in the upcoming election, Violet Veníra is by far the most promising, and world leaders of both nations and corporations have already begun to discuss what Diamavya will look like under her administration.

Violet Veníra speaking at the LAR quarterly policy conference.