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Spoken inBurgundie, Urcea
Language family
  • Gallo-Romance
    • Levantine Romance
      • Gael High Vulgar
        • Áccepair Vulgar
          • Ábciwidar
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Ábciwidar, sometimes also known simply as "Urcean" outside of Levantia, is a Romance-Goidelic language spoken predominantly in the southwastern Holy Levantine Empire and particularly in Urcea, where it has official status alongside English and Latin.

Ábciwidar is a descendant of the spoken Latin language of Great Levantia, which by the 5th century AD had partially replaced the Celtic languages previously spoken in the area, though later political and demographic dominance by Gaels reintroduced many parts of those language, many of which had already been retained in the spoken version of Latin. The earliest writing identified as early Ábciwidar dates from the mid 6th century, although major works do not appear until the 8th century when the language began to receive official sanction. The language began to be displaced by English in Urcea and other parts of the Empire by the mid 14th century. The 19th century saw a shrinkage of the language area but also a literary revival and the start of a language movement dedicated to halting the decline of the language. While the language is a minority language retaining use in liturgical and cultural functions, it gives many loan words to Julian Ænglish. Many of the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Apostolic Kingdom of Urcea retain their original Ábciwidar names.



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Writing system

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