47mm Carneaux mle 32

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47mm Carneaux Model 1932 Anti-Tank Gun
47mm Canon Antichar modéle 1932 "Carneaux"
1938 Swedish-Danish 37mm antitank gun pic2.JPG
A Carneaux mle 32 in the Ducal War Museum
TypeAnti-tank gun
Place of originYonderre
Service history
In service1932–1956 in Yonderre
Used byYonderre
Mortropiv Union
WarsTen Day War
Production history
DesignerRichard Carneaux
Number built15,000+
Weight415 kg (915 lb)
Length3.04 m (10.0 ft)
Barrel length1.6 m (5 ft 3 in) 45 calibers
Width1.09 m (3 ft 7 in)
Height1.03 m (3 ft 5 in)
Crew5 (Commander, gunner, loader, two ammunition bearers)

Caliber47 millimetres (1.9 in)
Elevation-10° to +25°
Traverse30° right and left
Rate of fire13 rpm
Muzzle velocity855 m/s (2,805 ft/s)
Maximum firing range5,484 m (5,997 yds)

The Carneaux mle 32, officially the 47mm Canon Antichar modéle 1932 "Carneaux" and more commonly simply referred to as the Carneaux, was a Yonderian medium anti-tank gun of the Great War period. The Carneaux was used as a towed and highly-maneuverable anti-tank gun by the Yonderian Defence Force from 1932 until 1947. It was also adapted for use as a tank gun, being mounted in both the AMG-34 and AMS-35 tanks where it would remain in service until 1950 and 1956 respectively. The Carneaux was designed by Richard Carneaux, a major of the Yonderian Defence Force.

The Carneaux is notable for its very low profile, allowing it to be easily concealed. Its performance, light weight and high rate of fire made it a popular anti-tank weapon with the Yonderian Defence Force. The carriage is a split-trail design with metal wheels and solid rubber tires. The Carneaux has a curved two-layer gun shield and a semi-automatic horizontal sliding wedge breech. Once fired the breech opens and ejects the spent casing, remaining open until the next round is loaded and the breech is closed. Many types of ammunition were developed for the Carneaux, chiefly in use was a solid steel shell for anti-armour purposes, a later improved tungsten-core shell with higher muzzle velocity, a high explosive shell with explosive filler and a canister shot for close-range anti-personnel use.

The Carneaux was seen as a fully adequate anti-tank gun until foreign technological advances in tank design in the late 1930s prompted the designing of a newer, more powerful weapon. Starting in 1942, the 75mm CAC-42 began replacing the Carneaux in Yonderian service, entirely replacing it by 1947. Many were sold after the end of the Great War to the Mortropiv Union for a petty token cost in what experts at the time considered direct military aid. Although beyond obsolete at the time, the Carneauxs saw action with Mortropiv Union troops in the Ten Day War, succesfully knocking out several Diamavyan armoured personnel carriers.

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