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Burgraviate of Burgundie
Flag of the Burgraviate of Adtaran
Burgundie Province and Colony Map.png
CountryBurgundie flag.png Burgundie
RegionFlag of Gibraltar.svg Latium
Transfer to Burgundie2027
Capital CityRavenna
 • BurgraveKliebold Christensen
 • PrefectVincenzo Morelli
 • Total1,850,990

The Great Adtaran Prison Riot

Great Adtaran Prison Riot

On November 14th, 2027 a prison riot broke out in Adtaran General Penitentiary. The riot last three days and resulted in the death of 11 prison guards, three Imperial Revenue Guardsmen and 396 inmates. It is the worst prison riot in Burgundian history and one of the precipitous events in the race riots if January 2018.