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The Commonwealth of Ætheryion

Flag of ÆtheryionAlternateAethFlag.png
Motto: Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium
Capital Occidundum
Largest Pulchram
Official languages Latin, English
Recognised national languages English
Demonym(s) Aetherian
Government Authoritarian Dictatorship
• Colony of Aetheryion
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• Water (%)
• IY 2025 estimate
HDI (IY 2025) Increase .785
Currency swag
Time zone WAT
• Summer (DST)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy

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Colonial Times

Early Commonwealth

Middle Commonwealth

Recent Years

After the end of the Great War, the period is referred as Reborn Commonwealth for the contemporary years.

Politics & Religion

Little was known of the nation's government functions except the Long Parliament that functions as a form of an parliamentary institution but elections happen almost every decade and roughly more than a hundred of the 720 members of the Parliament are non-elected members: reserved for members of the military representing branches and organizations(all are technically retired but represent their branch's interest), members of the clergy, corporate representatives and even strangely religious minorities.

As written by the country's constitution, it defines Ætheryion as a "Christian Parliamentary Republic", in reality it is a strict, stratocratic totalitarian democracy that bases its laws and customs around a very literal, fundamentalist interpretation of the Christian Bible rejecting the old testament as part of its religious dogma. Hence, much of their teachings and legislation are influenced by their own rigid interpretation of scripture.

The law is absolute; Ætheryion's religious civic-military dictatorship human right violations refer to as crimes against humanity, persecution of opponents, political repression and sanctioned state terrorism committed by the national armed forces, Any rule-breaking or subversion must be reported and is harshly punished. All citizens must follow the Commonwealth's own official version of Christianity. No other religion or belief system is tolerated; other faiths or other Christian denominations were forced to convert on pain of imprisonment or death at its early days.

Criminals are often held in public; Overwatch(the secret police and counter-intelligence paramilitary agency) uses torture and other brutal interrogation tactics on their prisoners. Condemned persons are executed by hanging, sometimes random citizens being given the rope to hang the condemned together, thus sharing in the responsibility of punishing the 'wicked'. Sometimes those who are spared execution can be sent to the 'Farm', where life is short and brutal as they are zones often polluted by rubbish and those sent there are tasked with cleaning up, eventually falling ill and dying slowly and painfully, a fate worse than death. In recent years there has been a sharp decrease on being send off to such working detail, meaning the probability these zones must have been mostly cleared out. Modesty and purity in all areas of life is greatly emphasized. Abortion and contraception are considered some of the greatest sins. Doctors who performed non-licensed abortions are executed. Fornication is punishable for all involved but most cases with heavy fine and custody of children is given to victims regardless of sex - child custody even in Ætheryion is favored to mothers but not on same level on international level. Homosexuality, is a crime punishable by death.

Ætheryion is mostly a patriarchal society, since 2000 there has been an increase allowance of women into the workforce but mostly on light jobs such as nurseries, cooks etc. Although in a normal patriarchal society men hold over monopoly in par societal institution the power over family matters, the case in Aetheryion is strange one as the in early 20th century due to enlarged family units and men working long hours, women where given the role of caretaker regarding family matters(both financial and otherwise), despite this Ætheryion authorities reluctance to introduce women more into the workforce as an incentive to keep unemployment "artificially" lower.

It is difficult to obtain reliable information as freedom of speech & the press is curtailed, as a result media and the news services are heavily censored, and often include propaganda to promote the ideals and values of the Commonwealth, whilst demonizing their enemies. Same goes for freedom of assembly, freedom of choice and protection from cruel and unusual punishments. Secular artwork is monitored if it respects the moral values of Christianity before allowed to the general public(images depicting savagery or nudity are banned for example), same goes for films, music, television programs, books and any published materials before importation and allowance of introduction: most of the times committees see a movie or read a book and decide on a collective consensus if it should be introduced into the country.

The use of the internet is also under heavy censorship filter, all social media or mass video-sharing services are blocked to prevent the formation of rallies by dissident groups, the ban was later introduced to gaming sites and as such most gaming services in general are banned. Private internet ownership is rare due to it's expense but most public libraries and most public sector maintain a separate rooms to allow citizens access to information; access to educational sites is non-filtered and provide substantial material work for students.