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Caesar Augustus Dominus, Episcopus Caphiria, Invictus Pater Patriae, Pius Felix Pontifex Maximus, Primus inter pares and Princeps Civitatis, the Santissimus Pater, Tyrannos and Vicarius Christi, Imperator of Caphiria
Colrin Panther
Native name Colrin Laetorius Burrienus Panther
Born December 16, 1992 (35 years old)
Venceia, Caphiria
Residence Celeia, Carnuntum, Caphiria
Nationality Caphiravian
Citizenship Caphiravian
Alma mater Fortuna Institute
  • Politician
  • Investor
  • Model
Salary ₳9,000,000 (2027 estimate)
Net worth Increase ₳7,000,000,000 (2027 estimate)
Title Formerly Lord Quinticeps Censores
Imperator of Caphiria
Predecessor Adrianus Panther
Political party Kiro-Caphiravian Party
Religion Imperial Catholicism
Parents Nazzaro Panther, Ileana Panther
Relatives Panther Noble House

Colrin Panther, known formally as Imperator Alexander Constantinus I, is a Caphiraian politician who is the current Imperator of The Imperium of Caphiria.

He is the younger cousin of former Imperator Adrianus Panther, making him a part of the Panther Noble House. He is one of the lords of the Caphiraian colony Ehios and prior to his ascension to Imperator held the highly distinguished title of Quinticeps Censoria (Fifth Censor), a very powerful committee of eighteen responsible for upholding public morality, protecting the Constitution and administering the official Public Census every Lustrum.

At age twenty-five, Colrin became the youngest-ever to join the Censores.

Known for his outgoing personality and handsomeness paired with the weight that his family name carries, Colrin has become something of a celebrity and sex icon having modeled for some of Caphiria's most famous fashion magazines. He is frequently partying with other celebrities and noble families, throwing lavish events to further cement the Panther name in Caphiraian politics; he has also invested heavily in the technology and energy industries, both domestically and internationally.

During the last several months of Imperator Panther's reign, Colrin was the popular and clear choice to succeed and ascend to take over the position of Imperator. Several senators and Consuls had already begun using their political influence to sway the public opinion in his favor. Within two weeks, Colrin was resigning from his Quinticeps Censoria position and being confirmed in to lead the Imperium.

Early Life

Colrin Laetorius Burrienus Arvina was born in Venceia, Caphiria. His parents were Nazzaro and Ileana Panther of the Panther Noble House and has two elder brothers and a younger sister. Colrin's father Nazzaro is brother to Euclio Panther, who is the father of current Imperator Adrianus Panther,which makes Colrin and Adrianus first cousins by blood.

At age four he began music lessons and under the tutelage of Vetustimusicu Dominus (Grand Musician) Detar Corbajram had shown a passion for a variety of instruments, ranging from the traditional piano, violin and flute to the more abstract cithara (guitar) and tympanum (drums).

After graduating primary school three semesters early, he used his free time to travel around the Imperium to explore. During an early stop in Carnuntum at a hotel in Celeia, Colrin met famed fashion designer Christiana Vaccarella who offered him a modeling job upon meeting him. With almost six months until he would be starting school at the Fortuna Institute, he happily agreed and signed a six-month contract with Vaccarella and her fashion line, Vevame Atelier.

Modeling Career

At age eighteen, Colrin was a baby-faced teenage heartthrob with the charisma and charm of some of the top pop singers and celebrities. The fact that he was a noble as well only elevated him further and publications gave him the moniker Princeps Lepore or the Prince of Charm. After his first time modeling at Septimana Modio Caphiria (Caphiria Fashion Week) could not have gone better for the young noble; over a half dozen other fashion houses wanted Colrin to model for them as well, in addition to shooting over three dozen magazine and publication photoshoots. Over the duration of his initial six-month modeling stint, Colrin modeled for: Dap Fashion, Pranous, Awoa Clothing, Ahier Atelier, Uszno Fashion, Azal, Resevain and Adhia.

His breakthrough, though, was with Vevame Atelier for their Vevame Aize line in which Colrin was the centerpiece of. The ad campaign saw over 22 million unique visitors online as well as a fifty-foot billboard in downtown Venceia with smaller fifteen-foot billboards in other cities. Colrin's ability to draw millions of viewers as a successful model and a member of a noble family allowed him to be named in the top five Sexiest Men Alive in Caphiria as well as being included on the 500 Most Influential People list, all before he was 21 years old.

By the time his six months had past and he was forced to take an early retirement so that he could focus on his education, Colrin had already created a lasting impression on not only the modeling and fasion industry, but the general public of Caphiria as they adored him. He promised that his retirement from the modeling world was not permanent and keeping to his word, he has maintained a sporadic but consistant modeling carreer even with his job as Quinticeps Censoria and is a modern fashion icon.

He is a Brand Ambassador (and principal investor) for Vevame Atelier, Azal and Resevain and occasionally endorses products as a spokesperson for clothing designers, health and fitness specialists, fashion magazines, perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, hair stylists, exercise promoters, and spa and recreation companies. Colrin has earned over $328 million from product endorsements and various product launches since he started when he was 22 years old, making him the third most successful model of all time.

Political Career

While modeling may have done wonders for Colrin and his public image as far as making him a sex symbol and fashion icon, his political career will have cemented his name above others in the Panther Family as one of the greatest politicians in the family, if not in modern Caphiria. From challenging foreign policies from his dorm room at the Fortuna Institute to overhauling local governments and sweeping out corruption, Colrin's positive impact on Caphiraian politics cannot be overlooked or dwarfed by his modeling achievements.

After he graduated from the Fortuna Institute, Colrin immediately got involved in local politics and joined the campaign of a Donato Mongelli, a politician running for Praefecti Urborum (City Prefect) of Vesunna. Colrin was essential in Mongelli's campaign, as he had ran previously and lost in a landslide. With Colrin's help, things were different the second time around as Colrin repackaged Mongelli's campaign into something much more user-friendly and called in the assistance of his fashion industry contacts to turn Vesunna into a textile manufacturing city; Vesunna is now the number one textile manufacturing city in Caphiria, producing over 80% of the Imperium's textiles. With Mongelli as Praefecti Urborum and ever grateful for his contributions, Mongelli made Colrin the Chief of Staff of his Municipium (Township Ministry). With Colrin as Mongelli's second in command, Colrin was able to learn first hand how Caphiraian politics worked, in comparison to the dozens of theory classes he took in school. Mongelli became something of a mentor to Colrin, giving him advice, wisdom and insight into the complex political process.

Colrin during his tenure as Praefecti Urborum

The two became very close and to this day, Mongelli is one of Colrin's closest friends outside of his noble circle and has Mongelli as his personal Advisor. Colrin would see that Mongelli would remain Praefecti Urborum for an additional term before resigning as Chief of Staff to run for office on his own. Identifying with the National Advancement Party, Colrin would run against his friend Mongelli and would lose, by only 6% in the polls. His campaign was solid and the biggest issue voters had with him was that he was untested and unproven as a politician; being an assistant to one was not insurance enough for the people of Vesunna.

Despite not winning the election, Colrin's spirits did not dwindle; in fact, they increased. Weeks before his twenty-third birthday, he traveled to Valentia in the province of Eryx for a meeting with famed politician Jean-Yves Touchard. Touchard offered to mentor Colrin and help shape him into a brilliant politician, enjoying his fervor and desire to truly want to make Caphiria better for the people, not just himself. They spent the weeks leading up to his birthday perfecting his campaign, prepping speeches and crafting his persona. And so, during his twenty-third birthday, moments before his cake was cut, he announced he was running for Praefecti Urborum of Valentia, the fashion capital of Caphiria. His announcement was met with universal praise and within a month had national coverage and hundreds of thousands of supporters and donations.

With Touchard guiding the ambitious young nobleman, he would dominate the polls and win by a landslide. Colrin Panther entered the history books for the first time as a politician, as the youngest elected Praefecti Urborum in Valentia and the second youngest in Caphiria, only seven months older than the first.

As Praefecti Urborum la Valentia, Colrin quickly and effectively ended the political corruption in the city, enacting city memorials and parks in addition to working heavily with the fashion and modeling industries to create international events that would ultimately push Valentia into the spotlight as Ixnay's foremost fashion haven, with Valentian designers and fashion shows leading the way for the years fashion trends. Colrin was a brilliant orater and was able to get right to the pertinent details of a situation, disecting it meticulously and analyzing it objectively; the antithesis of what Caphiraian politicians were at the time. This approach and mindset put Colrin in a completely different lane than virtually every other politician, even some within the Panther Family which caused tensions as Colrin was still a part of the Kiro-Caphiraian Party and not the Panther Family traditional Neo-Capitalist Party.


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