Audonia Development Bank

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Audonia Development Bank
Audonia Development Bank Tower
Audonia Development Bank Tower
HeadquartersHeng, Daxia
ChairmanRune Haako
CurrencyDaxian Lire (LIR)
Reserve requirements0 - 15%
Bank rate4% to 8%
Interest on reserves0.25%
Interest paid on excess reserves?Yes

The Audonia Development Bank (ADB, 棘手的开发银行) is a financial lending insitution established in 1997 by decree of Chancellor Linge Chen and placed under supervision of the Daxian Ministry of Finance until 1999 when it was granted autonomy. The ADB was created to provide a systematic mechanism for mobilizing and administering financial resources for the bank to lend on concessionary terms to participatory member countries and private entities. The ADB is based out of the Audonia Development Bank Tower in Heng's financial district.


  • Board of Governors - All powers of the Bank are vested in the Board which may delegate its powers to the Board of Directors except in such matters as admission of new members, changes in the Bank's authorized capital stock, election of Directors and Chairman, amendment of the foundational charter. The Board meets at least twice a year.
  • Board of Directors - The Board of Directors is responsible for general direction of everyday operations and exercises all powers delegated by the Board of Governors, which elects it. There are 10 Directors who serve for three years and can be reelected.


Loans by the Bank are usually aimed at specific projects, resulting in the creation of real physical assets: it does not provide balance of payments support of the type given by other development banks. In responding to requests from member governments and private solicitants for loans, the Bank's staff assesses the financial and economic viability of projects and the way in which they fit into the economic framework and priorities of development of the nation concerned. During 2025 energy projects accounted for 36% of total lending with an emphasis of development of indigenous sources of energy such as production of natural gas in Canpei, coal in Xisheng, lignite exploration in Rusana and the development of hydroelectric power in occupied Varshan. Agricultural development and agro-industrial projects represented 17% of total lending, with irrigation schemes in the Ulug steppe macroregion and livestock development programs in Huoxia being noteworthy.

List of Chairmen

No. Organization Chairman Took office Left office
1 Audonia Development Bank Merin Rugong June 1997 August 2006
2 Audonia Development Bank Bip Nutos August 2006 December 2015
3 Audonia Development Bank Rune Haako December 2015 Current