Amelia Al-Ahzmira

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Amelia Al-Ahzmira
Amelia al-ahzmira.png
Tikront zat Dɛihmѧvye
(Executive of Diamavya)
Reign: 26 June 2036 - Present
Coronation: 28 June 2036
PredecessorAlexander Chapeyev
Verkhovnya Vozhd' sa tas Mortropihv Soyuz
(High Chieftess of the Mortropiv Union)
Reign: 26 June 2036 - Present
PredecessorAlexander Chapeyev
BornAmelia Al-Ahzmira
17 Oct 2017 (age 20)
Diathadun, Yanuban
Full name
Amelia Palihnae Jamaresh Al-Ahzmira
FatherAli Jamaresh Al-Ahzmira
MotherZihre Stefanih Al-Ahzmira

Amelia Palihnae Jamaresh Al-Ahzmira is the third and most recent executive of Diamavya. Originally from Yanuban with her family lineage tracing back to Battganuur as well, she is the first Diamavyan executive to be born and have grown up outside of Diamavya. She is fluent in Arabic, English, and is proficient in Diamavyan. She is 20 years old as of her coronation on the 26th of June, 2036. This also makes her the youngest executive to ever assume the position, with Alexander and Victor Chapeyev both taking office well into their adulthoods.

Amelia is known for her progressive ideology and sweeping changes she has made in Diamavya's social policy. She has said that she plans to make changes to Diamavya's economic and foreign policy as well, but this isn't as popular with the Diamavyan populace. Regardless, she is extremely popular with the left wing and progressive minority in Diamavya, and this support continues to grow.

Early Life

Birth and Family

Amelia was born on the 17th of October in 2017 to Ali and Zihre Al-Ahzmira in Asrabad, Umardwal. Despite being born in Umardwal Amelia's entire family is from Diathadun in Yanuban, but she was unaware that she did not have Yanubi citizenship due to not actually being born in the country. She was born in Asrabad as they were helping Amelia's brother (Gradihn Al-Ahzmira) flee persecution from the Yanubi government after he published a book criticizing the countries poor humans rights protections.

Ali and Zhire Al-Ahzmira returned to Diathadun by car off road much of the time to the government finding out they ever left the country. The government of Yanuban never discovered this until Gradihn Al-Ahzmira published a memoir of his experience in Diathadun and him having to leave his country and leave his family behind. This left Amelia without Yanubi citizenship, and to this day she never been able to get citizenship in Yanuban due to her family's complicated relationship with the government.

Amelia Al-Ahzmira visiting Diathadun in 2035.

Life in Diathadun

Amelia spent the childhood living in Diathadun with her family. In a 2036 interview after her coronation as executive of Diamavya she recounted, "My scope of the world was so limited while I lived in Yanuban. Despite being born in Umardwal, growing up in Yanuban, having much of my family from Battganuur, and having my mothers side of my family originate from Diamavya, I never knew much about the wider world in my small desert home." She never left her home until age 16 when the government of Yanuban became aware that Amelia was never a citizen and was an illegal immigrant.

Fleeing Yanuban

At age 16 the Amelia was sent a notice that Amelia Al-Ahzmira was considered an illegal immigrant and had 24 hours to leave the country or face imprisonment. The government of Yanuban was not aware that Amelia was only 16 years old at the time because they had no record of her ever being born or entering the country. Diathadun is a fairly small town and most of the institutions like the elementary and high school are owned privately by other families, so the government could not find out about her through the countries school system. Her parents were away in the closest major city to get new appliances for their home and for a brief vacation. The Al-Ahzmira family was not overly wealthy so Amelia was never given a cellphone or anything like that. Her most valuable possession was her laptop for school, which her school was in possession of at the time as the school year had ended and they all collected for repairs.

Not knowing what to do Amelia stayed Diathadun as the 24 hours elapsed. The morning after her time elapsed she woke up to seeing government officials asking locals where they could find her. She said in a 2036 interview, "I was terrified for my life. I love my country of Yanuban, but the government was prepared to throw a 16 year old girl in prison for God knows how long. We had learned about Yanuban after Operation Kipling at school, and I knew that despite no longer being communist, Yanuban was still fairly authoritarian. The government didn't know any better at the time, as they only found out that I existed a matter of days before this all went down, but the negligence on their behalf to not do any investigation as to where I may be from is disgusting." She continued, "I had a matter of minutes to collect as many of my belongings as I could carry and get the f**k out of Diathadun. I grabbed my school backpack, a week's worth of clothes, my mom's purse, and a family photo. I had assumed that my mom's purse would have enough spending money to get by until I reached my parents, but I made two of the most stupid mistakes of my life. My mother's purse only had $133 dollars in it, and I went in the completely opposite direction of where my parents were."

The small isolated desert town of Tasalleh, Yanuban.

Amelia left Diathadun and thought she was heading towards her parents. In reality she was heading northwest into one of Yanuban's biggest and most remote desert. She continued walking down the single road that connected Diathadun to the more remote nearby town of Tasalleh. She arrived in Tasalleh confused and exhausted, and unsure of both where she was and how she got there. She said, "I had no idea where I was. I had just walked about 25 kilometers straight and was willing to take shelter anywhere I could, so I spent my first night homeless sleeping on a pile of bags of flour in the marketplace. This would quickly become a luxury to me."

Amelia spent the next couple weeks going from town to town thinking the government was right behind her. At times she would have to travel across open desert in boiling hot conditions. She acknowledged, "It was a miracle I even survived in the first few weeks." She finally made it to the largest city in the northern desert region of Yanuban, and from there was able to hitchhike north to one of Battganuur's largest cities, Kabirkai. She would spend the rest of and the following year here living on the streets begging for money.

A Beggar in Battganuur

Amelia recounted, "I was considered to be the scum of society. Begging for money is considered extremely pathetic in both Battganuur and Yanuban, and giving money to beggars is thought to be enabling. I still find this a gross example of how corporate much of Audonia has become, with containerization making a lot of major cities formerly rich with culture turn into nothing more than the rest stops for the occidental world to reach Punth and Punth to reach the occidental world."

She would continue to struggle to survive in Battganuur until she by chance met her brother while he was on his way to the city airport. She described, "He barely even recognized me. I looked and felt so dirty, so disheveled, I was barely surviving. I saw him walking past me on the street when I called his name. He was confused at first, but as soon as he recognized me he came running over. I hadn't been so happy in years, I broke down into tears."

Once she met Gradihn again he immediately cancelled the rest of his book tour. Amelia was finally able to sleep with a roof over her head and not have to fight for her life every day. "I was lucky to meet Gradihn then, because otherwise I probably would have had to turn to sex work. Begging was extremely degrading and I experienced harassment and violence daily. Many men had offered me sex work throughout my time in Battganuur, and whenever I would go over a week without collecting more than a dollar I had no other options. Life was Hell, and yet I now know that it is far worse for a lot of homeless people in Battganuur."

Amelia and Gradihn Al-Ahzmira reunited after not seeing each other since a family reunion in a nearby Battganuuri town in 2030.

Choosing a State

Though Amelia now had her brother to rely on and was able to contact her parents for the first time in two years. They were all able to meet each other in Battganuur and reconnect. She said, "I didn't even consider how I would reintegrate into society. There wasn't much point going back to Yanuban and I still personally dislike its government. I didn't want to stay in Battganuur since my time on the streets there was traumatic, and I didn't want to move to the country where this problem all started. I was stateless, but this gave me a unique opportunity to choose where my new life began. My brother didn't have a permanent home since he travelled so often, so I told him we should settle in the United Audonian Emirates."

Amelia finally graduating from high school in the United Audonian Emirates in late May of 2036 at age 19.

Amelia and Gradihn moved to Jahari in the United Audonian Emirates together so Gradihn could settle down and Amelia could continue a regular life. She resumed her high school studies in 2034 at Grade 11 and graduated in 2036. She became fluent in English in high school which broadened her possibilities for her higher education. She was considering double majoring in political science and world history but didn't know where she would go to university. She considered Caphiria, Pauldustllah, Urcea, the UK, Xalesia, and Diamavya. She ultimately chose Diamavya due to her family's Diamavyan heritage so she began studying Diamavyan. It was the beginning of summer in 2036 when she was first approached by the Diamavyan government.


Amelia Al-Ahzmira was approached by the Diamavyan government on June 18th, 2036. She was the most closely related to the former executive Alexander Chapeyev. With Mr. Chapeyev passing away his son was first considered, but he declined the role as he wanted to continue his business in Kelekona and he didn't think he could fill his father's shoes properly. Alexander's nieces and nephews were then considered, but only one of them knew any English, and the others knew no English or Diamavyan. This is when Amelia Al-Ahzmira was considered as she's the grand daughter of Alexander Chapeyev's older sister, Palihnae Chapeyev. She was considered a good choice as she was fluent in Arabic, English, and was learning to become fluent in Diamavyan anyway since she was planning on attending university in Diamavya.

Executive of Diamavya

Amelia Al-Ahzmira was coronated on June 26th, 2036 in the Diamavyan capital of Kronzkhov. She has been far more involved in Diamavyan politics than her predecessors and has been both praised and criticized for this. She is a progressive and a socialist and has instituted policy in Diamavya as such. The first piece of legislation she instituted was known as the "Sexual Liberation Exact" in which a wide variety of rights were granted to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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