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Commonwealth of Burgundie
Mainland Province
COA of Argenbagne
COA of Argenbagne
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CountryBurgundie flag.png Burgundie
Capital CityGranblaix
 • Total49,683,554


Golden Mountaintop Republic

The Golden Mountaintop Republic was a sovereign republic from 1604-1814 in the Kingdom of Dericania. Following the conclusion of the Great Confessional War, the Grand Duchy of Ghrianaich was transferred from the Kingdom of Culfra to the Kingdom of Dericania and reduced to a duchy. The Latinic Duke, Blattart Mortinsen was greedy and overly taxed the bourgeois merchants. He ruled from 1575 until 1604 when a junta of the bourgeois merchants of stormed his lavish palace, still partially under construction, and declared a new republic.

The initial years of the republic were rough as emissaries of the emperor, in his role as King of Dericania, tried to negotiate the return of the duke to his thrown. In 1613 the Concordat of Ennissloe was signed, recognizing the Dux of the Golden Mountaintop Republic as the rightful leader of the province, ended the practice of the King of Dericania granting city rights, and created a higher royal provincial tax for republics in Dericania. Following the resolution of the dispute the merchant republic became a powerhouse for economic activity and in 1654 the Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company moved its headquarters to Ennissloe. This was a major hit to the ego and economy of the Duchy of Burgundie who had sponsored and hosted the company from its inception in 1580. The move sparked a rivalry between the Duchy of Burgundie and Argenbagne that was not put to rest until the Burgundians crushed the republic in the War of Northern Aggression and forcibly repatriated the Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company to its current headquarters in Bekshavn, Marialanus.