Bah Lannan

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Bah Cridhe (Official); Bah Lannan (Colloquial)
Ancient Bladerunners.jpg
Bladerunner attack on Kistani shipping, 763
Type Bay
Primary inflows Rhydwel River
Primary outflows Sea of Onderu
Basin countries Kistan
Surface area 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
Average depth 1 m (3.3 ft)
Max. depth 1 m (3.3 ft)
Water volume 1 km3 (0.24 cu mi)

Literally 'The Bay of Blades', Bah Lannan is officially named the Cridhe Bay (Literally The Heart, with the Rhydwel River meaning The Artery; Cradle Bay in English). However, it received its colloquial name from the myriad skirmishes and pseudo-wars fought with first-wave Bladerunner pirates in the late eighth and early ninth centuries, with Kistani shipping to Ixnay and Audonia in particular becoming one of the most dangerous occupations on the seas at the height of the crisis. The battles prompted the restoration of Vrellan-era forts along the coast of Ceann a Rhydwel and up the Rhydwel, in an expensive attempt to prevent Bladerunner fleets from travelling upriver to the major strategic city and former capital of Fhainnholdt.

The bay has long been a good source of fish, but is generally scoured for its plentiful oysters and shellfish, including a rare species of horseshoe crab. Many of these nearly disappeared due to overfishing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but strict limits on catches has slowly helped these populations return, along with the declaration of the Rhydwel as a natural treasure helping to reduce pollution and regrow a small tourist economy.