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抱板 (Corummese)

Country Republic of Corumm
Capital Ixa'Taka
Population 456,326
Governor Lei Shen
Official languages Corummese
Postal Abbreviation BAB

Baoban (Corummese: 抱板), is an overseas territory of the Republic of Corumm on the eastern shores of the Sea of Nysdra.


The colony is named after Hu Baoban, a famous maritime explorer of the early Chen dynasty. Its native inhabitants call the region Ixa'Taka, and the largest settlement has kept this name through the initial period of colonization.


The vast expanses of jungle are giving way to a budding logging industry, with exotic woods fetching high prices on the mainland. Baoban is believed to have vast untapped mineral wealth, several conglomerates are looking to expand their operations in the region, security situation permitting.

Society & Culture


Baoban is inhabited mainly by native Ixa'Takans who form over 95% of the current population, the rest being Corummese settlers living on the coast or working in the colonial administration. Plans to radically alter the demographics of Baoban are currently under consideration.