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The Maritime Prefecture (Burg: Prefecture maritime), is the department of the Burgundian government that exercises the following coordinating authority in Burgundian waters:

  • coastal defense
  • maritime safety
  • customs and migration enforcement

As civil servants, the officers report to the Chancellor. However, since the Maritime Prefecture oversees security operations, and thus, also reports to the Chief of the Staff of the Security Forces.

The office and dignity was created in 1824, during the Northern Levantine Mediatization War to unify the command of harbors (civil administrator) and the command of the Navy (Admiral). The Prefecture service was designed and originally recruited by the Kiravian Littoral Force, as an effort to stabilize the trade waters around Great Kirav.

The Prefecto marítim is in charge of the Burgundian sovereignty at sea, monitoring operation, safety of the users, police and rescue operations, etc. The prefect also commands all armed vessel harbored in their prefect.

The present Prefectures marítimes are:


Merchant Marine

Maritime Navigation Administration