Chevalier vert (liqueur)

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Chevalier vert
Schnapsglas grüner Chartreuse.jpg
ManufacturerToubourg monks
Country of originAmarre, Yonderre
Alcohol by volume55%

Chevalier vert (English: Green knight) is an herbal liqueur distilled by Toubourgish monks in the County of Amarre, Yonderre. It has been made since 1602 according to the instructions set out by Knight of the Realm Siegmar von Willing (1522 – 1607). The liqueur takes its name from the Chevalier vert, the Green Knight of Yonderian folklore. Since 1638 it is produced in a distillery on the grounds of the Toubourg Monastery. The Chevalier vert is composed of distilled alcohol aged with 142 herbs, plants and flowers sourced locally and is one of very few liqueurs that continues to age and improve in the bottle.

Chevalier vert is popular in Yonderre as both an aperitif and a digestif. It has a very strong characteristic taste, being at first very sweet, but then becoming both spicy and pungent. The taste is sensitive to serving temperature. It is most usually served at room temperature, but it can also yield good results by being served very cold.

List of cocktails made with Chevalier vert

Flying Somua

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