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Clan Cilgore, aka the Cilgore family, are a Gaelic Burgundian military family with ancestral roots in the province of Marialanus. The Cilgore family has an illustrious history of service in the Burgundian military, having fought in every major Burgundian armed conflict since the Northern Crusades, during which their patriarch Ailean MacGilleChaluim was noted for being the only man in his company to survive the Seige of Saracen'Kebapolis.

The family's early origins are equally mythical and intriguing. Men proportedly of the Cilgore Clan were fierce warriors against the Bergendii during The Bergenddium. At some point during the Alvarian period, likely during the 8th century, the Cilgore's converted to Christianity. According to the census conducted by the Kistani kings in the mid 13th century Ianatan MacFhlaithbheartaich was recorded as the owner of 323 hectares of land, 80 slaves, and 8 sons. This is the first recorded member of the Cilgore family. Ianatan's sons were the first to adopt the static surname Cilgore, referring to the family castle passed down through primogeniture, but this practice was not consistent until the 1600s when Asgall MacCriomain and his nephew Ealar Ui’Cain complied with the royal writ from the Kuhlfrosi king permanently making last names static. The official recorded history of the family, written by war historian Callum Cille Cilgore-MacIllAodhagain starts at this point which he terms “the subjugation of Asgall and Ealar” but most family historian recognize Ailean MacGilleChaluim as the patriarch, as does the Burgundian Sergeant-of-Arms, Seals, and Heraldry.

Ailean MacGilleChaluim

Ailean MacGilleChaluim
Gustave dore crusades entry of the crusaders into constantinople.jpg
Ailean, bannerman of Duke X, entering Saracen'Kebapolis
Castle Cilgore, Marialanus
Died1306, 39 yrs old
Allegiance Burgundie
Years of service1284-1306
RankBannerman, Capitaneus
UnitCilgore levy troops coy
Battles/warsNorthern Crusades
  • Battle of Saracen'Kebapolis

Ailean MacGilleChaluim is spectulated to have been born in 1267 in Cilgore Castle, Marialanus. He was the third son of GilleChaluim MacMaol-Chaluim and his second wife Bhictoria. He was tutored and squired early in life as his father hoped to divest of Ailean by the time he was 12. The Cilgore estates, and Marialanus in general, were experiencing a blight that lasted 36 years and all of the sons not to inherit were being cast out as quickly as possible. Ailean became the squire of his uncle Iain MacBharrais and the two had numerous quixotic adventures in central Levantia. Iain gathered a small troop in his travels and formed a mercenary band of misfit second, third, and fourth sons who rocked the lands looking for purpose and “raison d’etre”. They sullen band where to become philosopher-knights as they saught truth, honor, and the approval of their distant fathers. Upon his uncle’s death Ailean took command of the group, but many disbanded. He received a herald from his father a few years later asking him to command the levy troops of the Cilgore fiefdom in the Northern Crusades. It was the recognition all of the men were seeking in their own lives so, using Ailean’s father as a surrogate they joined the Cilgore mission.

When Ailean arrived at the head of a host of knights and banners his father was in fact very impressed and had new armor made for Ailean and fresh horses drafted for the men. Ailean joined Duke Xs army at Bekshavn and they set off for distant lands.

Macdougal Fitzroy Cilgore

Macdougal "MacAttaque" Fitzroy Cilgore
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MacAttaque being paraded by soldiers troops after victory was announced in the Quds War
Castle Cilgore, Marialanus
Died1997, 82 yrs old
Allegiance Burgundie
Service/branch Navy of Burgundie
Years of service1938-1987
Unit2nd Destoryer Squadron
29th Carrier Group
3rd Levantine Fleet
5th Combat Corps
Dericania Command
Battles/warsGreat War
New Burgundie Secession War
Operation Kipling
Quds War
Spouse(s)Moire (née) MacNeis

MacDougal Fitzroy Cilgore was a well regarded officer of the Navy of Burgundie. He retired with the rank of Admiral after 50 years of military service. He died in 1997 of autoerotic asphyxiation, at the age of 82. A career military man he joined the Navy immediately after completing his Standardized Militia Program service. Through the navy he later attained a bachelors in Martime Policy, a masters in Strategic Maritime Dominance, and in his 45th year of service a PhD in Global Diplomacy, all through the Naval War College in NordHalle. He was liked by his men for never asking them to put themselves in danger he wouldn’t put himself in and liked by his superiors for getting more out of his commands then most could ask for.

Great War

New Burgundie Seccession War

Operation Kipling

Quds War