Crusaders (band)

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Crusaders' logo
Background information
OriginGabion, Yonderre
Years active
  • 1978-2028
LabelsGlargineau Records
Past members
  • Charles Giroud
  • Jacques Byson
  • Philippe Carmon
  • Henri Sauvage
  • Edwin Renauld

Crusaders was a Yonderian Heavy metal band formed in Gabion in 1978. They have sold more than 62,000,000 copies of their albums and are widely regarded as one of the greatest metal bands in history. Crusaders' international appeal was helped in part by their insistence on performing in English, in spite of their record company's advice to perform in their native Burgoignesc. Crusaders first came to notoriety in 1981 when their single And they shall know no fear from the album By the Book or by their Blood became a surprise hit, topping the Yonderian charts and making it into the upper echelons of Levantine charts at large.

The band's membership had been consitent over the five decades it performed, largely due to "a fanatic devotion to the fans, appropriate of the name" according to lead singer Giroud. In 2026, the band announced that they would perform their final world tour in 2027. Crusaders ended their fifty-year career with a final live concert in their native Gabion on the 31st of December 2027, playing their first hit And they shall know no fear as the clock struck midnight.

Crusaders has been the source of several controversies over the years, with particularly their use of Crusader imagery, both on-stage and in their artwork, as well as Crusader themes in their lyrics having caused controversy. Those against such values decry the band for profiteering off of death and destructing whereas others claim the Crusaders make a mockery of Christendom and the crusades.

The album cover for Tabard, Crusaders' 14th album