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Capital of Martilles
Dormanshire's Harborfront
Dormanshire's Harborfront
Country Burgundie flag.png Burgundie
Province 22px Martilles
Settled circa 1068
Incorporated 1365
Incorporated in Burgundie 1576
Population 358,934


Dorman derives from the Middle English word dere, or deor, meant "wild animal". Therefore, Dorman translates as "wild animal", or, perhaps, "wild animal-man". Another, Old English, derivation is from the Old English word deor, meaning "deer", and, mann, meaning "man": thus, Deer Man.

Early History

Around the c. 6,500, the City of Dormanshire was founded by the Mercians. A small Ixnay proper's native population(would later mix with Lannder migrants) that was expanding from the north(Palmeria) and established the city in the heart of the modern Kiravian protectorate(South Eastern). Reaching the c.1250 Pelian migrants arrive in the southern region of present day Dormanshire.Around the 155 B.C after a small conflict against the northern people, they would end conquering the City of Dormanshire and having the Mercians retreating back north. The Dormanshire Kingdom would come to be and a vicious tribal war inside the Mecians would start and progress till 212 A.C, with the unification and creation of the Kingdom of Arrezegno.



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