Franc-Jean Hippolyte deBedecq

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Franc-Jean Hippolyte deBedecq
Cont de Valsoix
Clark Gable - publicity.JPG
The formal portrait of Franc-Jean
Count of Valsoix
PredecessorJean-Bapiste Emeral deBedecq
Spouse(s)Emiline Jaquard (née Heusslin)
  • Phillipe-Auguste Herreng deBedecq
  • Claudia-Marie Jaquard deBedecq
  • Paul-Eugene Maitelle deBedecq
  • Elsabelle Marlenie deBedecq
  • Emiline Heusslin deBedecq
FatherJean-Bapiste Emeral deBedecq
MotherLouise Imogene (née Austiard)
Valsoix, Marialanus
Chapel d'Artangne
ReligionLevantine Catholic Church
OccupationRace car driver/team owner

Franc-Jean Hippolyte deBedecq is the 19th Count Valsoix, a small county in the hinterlands of Marialanus. Since the War of Northern Aggression the title has been entirely ceremonial. France-Jean is the primary racer and the owner of the GPR team, Racing Grand Premi deBedecq, a role he took over from his grandfather. He is known as an international playboy, a rampant but mildly successful gambler, and an extravagant party host at his numerous estates across Ixnay.

Early Life and Education

Born on September 20, 1989, to Jean-Bapiste Emeral deBedecq, the 18th Count Valsoix and Louise Imogene (née Austiard) deBedecq Franc-Jean was the eldest child of the couple. The couple wasn't happy and often fought in front of him. After his younger brother, Jean-Claude and sister Valerie-Evangeline were born their mother moved to Malta, Heku with her new lover. Unable to successfully raise the three children, Jean-Baptiste sent them off to their grandparents on their estate in Martilles. From age 5-13 Franc-Jean was under the tutelage of a litany of scholars, all of whom were dismissed after failing to keep the boy's mercurial nature in check. Franc-Jean was often absent from these tutoring sessions, often found riding horses through the estate or stealing his grandfather's 19' 1957 Chris-Craft Runabout. He was obsessed with going fast and was once found at the local private airstrip attempting to steal a bush plane. At 13 he was sent to a parochial preparatory boarding school for youth with disciplinary issues. He rebelled hard for the first two years but eventually, he succumbed to the regimen. He was popular with his classmates and took on Professor Valuior Simon as a mentor, which proved to further focus him on this studies. He ended up graduating with high marks, excelling in business and physics. He was awarded a position at the Royal School of Engineering, very much based on the recommendation of Professor Simon. His father and grandfather originally declined the offer thinking engineering wasn't proper for Franc-Jean, but after a meeting with Professor Simon and a review of his academic options, it was decided that he should go.

He took on a focus on automotive mechanics and business administration. It was during his time at university that he began working for his Grandfather's GPR team, Racing Grand Premi deBedecq, as a junior race manager. He became friendly with the drivers and by his 3rd year took an interest in driving as well. His final year he created an intermural street racing team at Royal School of Engineering. Since no other school in Burgundie, they had to compete internationally. Following his graduation in 2011, he took increasingly larger roles in the team management. All the while he was racing on his own, having created a name for himself in amateur circuits.


Racing Grand Premi deBedecq

Franc-Jean in his GPR racer at the 2025 Monteangline Grand Prix

With the passing of his grandfather in 2018 he formally took over ownership of Racing Grand Premi deBedecq and appointed himself as an alternate driver. Abandoning his amateur racing career to focus on Grand Prix Racing he was able to push his own primary driver off of the team and take his place. This created some hostility between Franc-Jean and a number of other drivers who saw him as a relic of a by-gone era where privilege was more important than skill. Despite the prejudice, he was able to prove himself time and again and earned the respect of many drivers and fans alike. His manner off the racetrack, as a magnanimous and welcoming host, helped to soften his image. He invited many of his friends and enemies alike and treated them all well.

As the owner of Racing Grand Premi deBedecq, he has invested millions in R&D both for his own team and others, particularly Anghel Octan Racing, in hopes of bringing the sport fully into the 21st century. This diversification beyond his own team has proved very profitable and has allowed Franc-Jean to invest more heavily in other ventures. His largest acquisition to date was Marchal Solutions d'Assise (MSA), the contractor that constructs the viewing stands for the Levantx Grand Prix. Not only does he profit from the service contract but then he sells the seats themselves to racegoers, particularly his well-heeled friends.


While on a visit to his mother in Malta, Heku in 2014 he met Emiline Jaquard Heusslin, the youngest daughter of a Burgundian ex-patriot family who had taken advantage of their connections with the Burgundian royal family to get early real estate deals with Christensen Holdings. Emiline and Franc-Jean had a whirlwind romance that resulted in her getting pregnant. Franc-Jean had to miss the 2015 racing season to marry Emiline, acquire Hekuvian dual citizenship, and prepare a place for his new family to live. They originally bought a beach villa in Malta near both his mother and the Heusslin family. In 2016 Emiline gave birth to twins, Claudia-Marie Jaquard and Paul-Eugene Maitelle. The growing family moved to Port Levantia, Levantx, his primary race and business location. Since he was racing Franc-Jean missed much of the early years of his first three children's life. In 2019 a third daughter, Elsabelle Marlenie, was born and he moved the family back his father's estate in Marialanus, Burgundie to aid in his care as he had developed a rapid onset of lymphatic cancer. With the passing of his grandmother in 2020, he inherited their estate in Martilles and turned it into a summer camp for the extended family. His brother and sister, their spouses and his nieces and nephews, as well as the extended in-law family, spent many happy summers together in the sprawling 150-acre seaside estate. The birth of his final child, Emiline Heusslin completed the family and signaled the beginning of troubles between Franc-Jean and Emiline.

Once a trim and pretty girl, Emiline had matured in a way he did not like and he began to take on mistresses in the various cities in which he raced. Upon the paparazzi getting ahold of this information his reputation suffered terribly. He was seen as callous and shallow and Emiline sued for a divorce. He threatened that he would strip their children of their nobility and bankrupt her in court fees. At the current time, Emiline and the children live with her family in Malta, Heku. Franc-Jean lists Valsoix, Marialanus as his primary residence, but is rarely there.


Paternal Gr. Grandfather: Alexandre Auguste Joseph deBedecq
Paternal Grandfather: Guillame-Ettienne Bonaventure deBedecq
Paternal Gr. Grandmother: Hester-Adele (née Fremme), 17th Countess Valsoix
Father: Jean-Bapiste Emeral deBedecq, 18th Count Valsoix
Paternal Gr. Grandfather: General Carlton Rexfort Corbette
Paternal Grandmother: Penelope Marie (née Corbette)
Paternal Gr. Grandmother: Catrine-Isabel Dracutt (née Draiselle)
Franc-Jean Hippolyte deBedecq, 19th Count Valsoix
Maternal Gr. Grandfather: Estienne Corbett
Maternal Grandfather: Neville-Louis Anthonee Corbett
Maternal Gr. Grandmother: Eveline (née Ui Reileigh)
Mother: Louise Imogene (née Austiard)
Maternal Gr. Grandfather: Elnie-Abigaile Deveroe
Maternal Grandmother: Edithe-Agathe (née Deveroe)
Maternal Gr. Grandmother: Josephine-Elise Pheobe (née Hackette)


Upon the death of his father in 2021, Franc-Jean was given the title Comte Valsoix in an ornate ceremony in Chapel d'Artangne. Many called it out of touch with the modern world and out of proportion with the title. Many foreign dignitaries did show up for the ceremony but it was not well attended by locals.

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