Great Prince's Own Royal Zwallerkaddian Foot Guard

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Great Prince's Own Royal Zwallerkaddian Foot Guard
White Guard
Guarda de Peus Zwallerkaddy della Gran Príncep
Footguard Flag.png
Banner of the Foot Guard
Active 1638 - Present
Country Burgundie
Allegiance Great Prince of Burgundie
Type Guard Infantry
Role Support Infantry, Ceremonial guard
Size ~1.250
Headquarters Kongerhus, Rienholdt Palace Barracks
Patron St. Gödmar Ljydkruss
Motto(s) "Frigum Ferrum"
"Cold Steel"
Mascot(s) The Levantine Walrus
Captain-General Virnikor Trigleyn
Captain-Quartermaster Knurig Razdarak

The Great Prince's Own Royal Zwallerkaddian Foot Guard is an ethnic Zwallerkaddian Guard demi-regiment in the direct service of the Great Prince of Burgundie. The Guard is a non-mechanized infantry demi-regiment tasked with the protection of the Great Prince, his family and possessions. It is the only permnant and active military unit in the Burgundian Metropole.



The Guard originates from 1638 when King Dagor II Goldhammer of Zwallerkad pledged an honor regiment to Hildegeart of Helvianir after the conclusion of the Wars of Gold and Iron as a sign of honor to her late husband Rienholdt I as well as a sort of thanks for the Burgundian support during the wars. This regiment was named 'The Great Prince's Own Royal Zwallerkaddian Foot Guard'.


In time, the regiment grew due to the arrival of more Zjlypak in Levantia and the regiment became a symbol of the good Zwallo-Burgundian relations. It took an active rle in most Burgundian conflicts, both internal and external. Even after the collapse of the Zwallerkaddian Monarchy the regiment remained though ties with Burgundie had been severed.

The Modern Guard

Due to decreased demand for full time soldiers in the Burgundian military and the stability across Ixnay, the number of soldiers being replaced in the Foot Guard has dwindled. At is peak in the 1840s the Foot Guard was 6,500 strong, but its current roster is merely 1,254. To honor the original agreement with the Zwallerkaddians the unit will retain its regimental designation, but currently operates at demi-regiment status. <Military History>


Your turn Burg


Foot Guard Uniform.png




Image Name Location Description
Rienholdt Palace Barracks.jpg Rienholdt Palace Barracks Kongerhus Original Barracks built to house the Guard, still the Guard's Headquarters.
Skargenbor.jpg Skargenbor ? Fortress originally built in order to protect the Great Prince's mainland holdings.
Dönkrevek.jpg Dönkrevek Burgen Fortress originally built in order to secure the Great Prince's control of the city.

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