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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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Free State of Guultryk
Vrystattar a Guultryk

Flag of Guultryk
Map of Guultryk
Map of Guultryk
Capital Bjalmör
Largest city Zelorzod
Official languages Zwallerkaddian
Recognised regional languages Latin, English
Ethnic groups
53% Zwallerkaddians
26% Punthites
12% Vespians
3% Levantians
3% Helvianirians
3% Zorfashazi Jews
1% Slakonians
86% Church of Zwallerkad
14% Paganism
Demonym(s) Guultryker
Government Semi-oligarchic federal meritocratic armed republic
• Lord Protector
Snavorr Gakrallud
• Chancellor
Drullan Siljerrak
Legislature Ryksrad
• Declaration of Independence
4th of August 2028
• 2029 census
Currency Kvodorr Kvodorr.png
Date format dd-mm-yyyy CE
Driving side right
Calling code +228
Internet TLD .GR

Guultryk, officially the Free State of Guultryk (Zwallerkaddian: Vrystattar a Guultryk,) is a "free state" and former colony of Zwallerkad, located on the continent of Punth.

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