Haddock Palacin

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Haddock I
Classic Haddock
future – moar future
Predecessor Kliebold Christensen
Born (1977-09-01)1 September 1977
Rienholdt Palace, Kongerhus, Burgundie
  • the sea
House House of Christensen
Father Eddard Christensen
Mother Elsiza Tuke

youngest brother of the current Prince, took to the seas, figuring he would never gets the crown Helvi kills all my royals :P Prince Haddock to the throne!


Burgundian Royalty
House of Palacin
Maurice I
Pasqual I
Prince Haddock
Princess Eugenee
Crown Princess Amelia
Prince Emile-Alexandre
Prince Cristofor
Princess Zoe
Pasqual I
Crown Princess Amelia
Prince Emile-Alexandre
Prince Cristofor
Princess Zoe
Prince Frederic
Princess Floridia-Castalia


8. Martin Palacin, Count of Dormanshire
4. Vincent Palacin, Duke of Martilles
9. Cassandre Miloumont, Duchess of Martilles
2. Great Prince Maurice I of Burgundie
10. Hibbard Gascon, Duke of Marialanus
5. Mariana of Marialanus, Duchess of Martilles
11. Carolina deHerreng, Duchess of Marialanus
1. Haddock Palacin
12. Antônio Borges, Duke of Verona-Santiago
6. Edouardo Borges, Duke of Verona-Santiago
13. Aurora Reis, Duchess of Verona-Santiago
3. Great Princess Anna-Emmanuella of Burgundie
14. Theodorus Catonius Panther
7. Lucretia of Caphiria, Duchess of Marialanus
15. Floria Trenico

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