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Versailles collage.jpg
"intaminatis fulget honoribus" (Latin)
"Untarnished, she shines with honor"
Country Burgundie flag.png Great Principality of Burgundie
Founded 119 BC
Population (2028)
 • City 457,669
 • Urban 328,694
 • Metro 128,975
Demonym(s) Halsari

Halsar was the primary capital of the Kingdom of Ultmar from approximately 400AD until Ultmar was disbanded during the collapse of the Holy Levantine Empire in YEAR. It remains the cultural capital of Burgundie and tourism to the palace and surrounding museums bring in approximately $1.52 billion per year.

Halsar Palace

Built as a summer residence of for the king in 1709, the Halsar Palace was greatly expanded in the 1820 through the 1840s by Kliebold I as a testament to the strength of the newly independent country. It is the expense of the palace renovations that many historians say sealed the fate of the Burgundian colonial effort in South Punth, but Kliebold I felt the need to impress the leaders of Levantia first and foremost.