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Ixnay (continent)
Ixnay (orthographic projection).svg
Area 27,892,902 km2 (10,769,510 sq mi)
Population 2,968,923,157 (2028)
Pop. density 106/km2 (276/sq mi)
Demonym Ixnayan
Countries 6 (list of countries)
Dependencies 8
Languages English, Insuian, Latin, Corummese and many others
Time Zones UTC-3:00 to UTC+2:00
Largest cities Largest urban areas:

Ixnay is a continent and geographic subregion located near the equator and prime meridian. It is bound by the Sea of Odoneru to the north, by the Audonian Ocean and Sea of Istroya to the east, the Talion and Omnium Seas to the south, and the Kindreds Sea and Cronan Sea to the west. It is the third largest continent

Ixnay covers an area of about 27,892,902 square kilometers (10,769,510 square miles), about 22.1% of the earth's land area and about 3.3% of its total surface. Ixnay is the third largest continent by area, following Crona and Punth, and the third by population after Punth and Levantia. In 2029, its population was estimated at nearly 3 billion people in six independent states and eight dependencies.

Latin influences are strongest in the northern parts of the continent while indigenous and Punthite influences are relatively stronger in the south. Because of the history of colonialism, most Northern Ixnayans speak Insuian, Latin, or Spanish and societies and states commonly reflect Occidental traditions.

Extent[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Countries, territories, and dependencies[edit | edit source]

Flag Country or territory Area
(2032 est.)
Population density
(per km2)
Thelegitflag.png Ætheryion 1,405,768 162,013,628 115.3 Occidundum
Heku Caphiria 4,677,441 1,100,323,654 235.2 Venceia
Corumm Corumm 1,979,269 698,168,695 352.7 Mirzak
Urcea Dorhaven (UR) 101,980 - - -
Insui Insui 3,145,359 365,634,051 116.3 Alahuela
Kraekyir (KS) 29,310 17,572,000 43 n/a
Krasoa Islands (KR) 29,310 17,572,000 600 Rack City
Melian Islands Melian Islands (KR) 64,502 5,420,000 84 Thucydia
Monteangelo Monteangelo 312,327 15,687,702 50 Haydée
North Corummese Republic North Corummese Republic 171,820 23,016,564 134 Duyuan
Palmeria Palmeria 1,614,728 200,000,000 124 Font
Pribraltar (KR) 8,987 485,000 54 Hābermat
Reçêpistan 891,085 86,901,072 97.5 Kemet
Saint Kennera (KR) 5,439 365,000 67 Port St. Kennera
Sydona Islands Sydona Islands (KR) 117,404 56,246,000 479 Destransar
Veltorina Veltorina 2,006,645 552,235,123 275 Constantinople
Zhijun Zhijun (CM) 28,594 815,250 29 Yishi

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Religions[edit | edit source]

Ixnay Proper is very diverse when it comes to religions, although the region doesn't boast the founding of any large religions it does however founding place of many sects since ancient times. Caphivarian Catholicism is the largest religion in the but other sects that originated there, such as Shia Islam and Samaritan Judaism, are also well represented. Christians represent in general represent more than half of Ixnay's population. There are also other important minority religions like the Recepi Alevism,

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