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This article is non-canonical; it is no longer part of the regional lore, either because the associated nations have left the region or the information has been retconned.
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Patrician Autocracy of Latinia

Flag of Latinia
Latinia Map.png
Official languages Latin
Recognised national languages Latin, High Germanic
Recognised regional languages Latin, High Germanic
Demonym(s) Latinian
• Archduke
Nov 1, 2027
• Estimate
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
1.7 Trillion USD
• Per capita
16,500 USD
Currency Imperial Dollar ($)
Time zone Urceopolitan Mean Time
• Summer (DST)
Date format dd-mm-yy
Driving side right side
ISO 3166 code LA

Latinia was a short lived state of the Holy Levantine Empire forged in 2027 from the ashes of the Latinic States during the Latium Crisis and crushed in early 2028. The beginning of the state was turbulent, as Duke Caesar of Ceasarea led a legion of loyalist forces to capture the Imperial capital Corcra. He quickly won the favor of Burgundie who sent supplies to help Caesar's cause. Caesar quickly routed Latinic Front soldiers and partisans from the territories that made up Latinia, and began fortification and peace making. On November 1st, 2027 Great Prince Kliebold IV of Burgundie had Latinia declared an a new and sovereign state.

Immediately following the end of hostilities Caesar's army was dispatched to attack Alkharvia, casus belli being an unsubstantiated claim that Latinics were being abused in Alkharvia and were not being given the protection of the government. At the news of the attack the nations that had previously supported Latinia, in particular Burgundie, withdrew all support from Latinia. The raid was a minor success having destroyed many warships and facilities in the Alkharvian harbor of Rameléc. This unprovoked and unilateral attack on a foreign power wrought great turbulence in the halls of power of the Holy Levantine Empire. King Riordan VIII's having emerged victorious from a local war in Urcea perceived the threat to the stability of the empire and thrust himself back into imperial politics.

Caesar's aggressive and abrasive style won the attention of many world powers and a difficult period of negotiation began in which external powers demanded the right to invade Latinia and the powers of the Holy Levantine Empire defended the sovereignty of the borders of the whole empire. These negotiations broke down when Caesar's further belligerency convinced Kuhlfros to allow Amerigan troops onto this soil to effect an invasion of Latinia. The Amerigan, Kuhlfrosi and Burgundian troops soon recaptured all of Latinia and Caesar was forced into exile in New Latium.

Following the coronation of King Riordan VIII as Emperor Riordan II, the lands of Latinia were redistributed, some going to house de Weluta of Urcea, some going to house Christensen-Fakolan of Burgundie, and much going to the Church and lesser lords. It also saw the reinstatement of Corcra as the seat of imperial power. As of the coronation of Emperor Riordan II, Latinia ceased to exists. Template:Navbox WS