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Confederation of the Estates and Principalities of Dericania

Derici Confoederatio (Latin)
Flag of Deric States
Confederal Arms of Deric States
Flag Confederal Arms
Motto: Deus spes nostra
("God is our hope")
Location of the Deric States in Levantia
Location of the Deric States
in Levantia
Official languagesLatin
• Confederated
1,182,380 sq mi (3,062,400 km2)
• 2034 estimate
• Density
104.6/km2 (270.9/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2034 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
very high
CurrencyTaler ()
Time zoneUTC0 (Urceopolitan Mean Time)
Date formatmm.dd.yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
ISO 3166 codeLCS

The Deric States, commonly referred to as Dericania also sometimes called the Deric Confederation and officially the Confederation of the Estates and Principalities of Dericania is a confederation of 10 Derian countries in eastern Levantia. It is comprised of the entire former territory of the Kingdom of Dericania excepting Burgundie. The Confederation was established in the aftermath of the Great War, and all 10 states are part of the Levantine Union.

The Deric States is considered the legal successor or the Kingdom of Dericania, though its direct predecessor is the Derian National Congress, groups of liberals and moderate nationalists and several states in Dericania who confederated following the end of the Deric Republic. The Deric Confederation has been a member of the Levantine Union since its inception. Many scholars and observers have noted that the function of the Deric Confederation has been increasingly subsumed into that of the Levantine Union, and some have called for the absorption of the Confederation into the Union.

The Presidency of the Deric States - a largely ceremonial position that entitles presiding over the meetings of the Deric States and is nominally head of state - is held ex officio by the Archbishop of Corcra. Previously, the Archbishop served as ex officio arch-chancellor and vicar for the Kingdom of Dericania, and the special relationship between the Archbishop and the Deric community was maintained following the dissolution of the Kingdom with the end of the Holy Levantine Empire.


The full name of the Deric States is the Confederation of the Estates and Principalities of Dericania, sometimes also shortened to Dericania. Things relating to the Deric States are called Deric while its people are referred to as Derian, but are also sometimes referred to as Conine after Emperor Conchobar I of the Holy Levantine Empire in a similar fashion to Urcea's Julian.


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Member States

Flag State Population GDP (nominal)
Bandera de Idiazabal.svg Vorenia 75,594,401 $2,854,240,583,603
pic Loreseia 53,495,104 $2,061,362,686,912
pic Allaria 47,671,482 $1,726,070,887,246
pic Verecundia 39,980,432 $1,990,329,394,096
Drapeau ville fr Boulogne-sur-Mer.svg Kronenia 28,569,172 $1,054,280,256,316
pic Aescaracta 20,759,520 $801,746,886,560
Buggenhout vlag.svg Hollona and Diorisia 19,958,242 $783,496,192,704
Deventer vlag.svg Corcra 15,504,110 $680,412,556,330
pic Vinesia 9,901,294 $494,041,981,482
pic Lutsana 8,991,223 $458,272,382,869