League of the Caphirian-Silenced Nations (OOC)

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This article is out of character and thus its content should not be considered to be part of the canonical structure of the region's lore.

League of the nations silenced by User:Heku
Motto"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."
Formation11:53 PM EST, Saturday, January 18th, 2020
TypeSatirical deviant anti-authoritarian individualist counterculture civil disobedience group
Legal statusActive
Purpose/focusOpposing the ongoing censorship in Ixnay.
LocationIxnay (Discord server)
Official languagesEnglish
Key peopleUser:Azikoria

The League of the Caphirian-Silenced Nations or as it's often abbreviated, the CSN, is a group of users in the worldbuilding community of Greater Ixnay that have been muted multiple times by User:Heku. The group was created out of defiance for what many have "cruel and unusual punishment", involving repeated mutes and kicks by the previously named administrator. Group founder User:Diamavya has noted that the group was created with satirical intent, and stated when the group was officially founded that, "This thing isn't meant to taken seriously. Though I wouldn't want to speak for the other members of the group, I think it's safe to say we're on good terms. I've known the guy for a year and a half now and have been fortunate enough to have a good relationship and do some amazing stuff with with him."


10:41 PM EST, Saturday, January 18th, 2020: A notable example of Heku kicking CSN member Diamavya for emoji spam despite Heku saying, "you only get banned for posting it 5 times". This kick is said to have led to the founding of the CSL an hour later.

The organization was founded at 11:53 PM EST on Saturday, January 18th, 2020 after Heku kicked Diamavya from the Ixnay Discord server after posting four consecutive waving hand sign emojis. This was within the acceptable limit of emojis as defined by Heku minutes prior to the kick, but Diamavya was kicked after posting the four emojis regardless for emoji spam.

Hekuvian Defense

Though the kick Heku made was accidental as referenced by him posting, "oh he did 4" after making the kick, the kick was further supported by Diamavya spamming the thumbs up emoji reaction on a message made by Azi (or Azikoria as he is known on IxWiki), for which he was also kicked. Though the second kick was one made by a split-second reaction, proponents of Heku have noted that he likely had the ".kick @Diamavya" message primed assuming Diamavya would post a series of waving hand emojis, which he did. Heku has not apologized for the incident but Diamavya has not shown any hard feelings from it, likely as Diamavya was intentionally being provocative.


The group currently has five members. These members were each admitted to the organization upon its founding based on the numerous mutings each member has received in the past. The organization's members are Diamavya (also known as Cronz or Dia), Indin Mectang (also known as Indin or Vesta), Klyjanoragh (also known as Kly), Nolis, and Yonderre (also known as Iander). Azi (also known as Azikoria) has been kicked the most out of all the current members but is listed as a former member as he has now become a donor to the Ixnay patreon, which comes with a series of perks that unofficially includes him not getting muted, kicked, or banned (though he also does not spam the Discord chat).

User:Iander was surprised to find himself involved in the league having slept through its creation but decided to remain a member regardless, stating that he was "just happy to be here".