Levantia (band)

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Europe the band in Stockholm 2016.jpg
Levantia in Collinebourg in 2016
Background information
OriginCollinebourg, Yonderre
Years active
  • 1981-1995
  • 1999-2009
  • 2014-2020
  • 2022-2030
LabelsGlargineau Records
Past members
  • Jerome Niceau
  • Javier Fererro
  • Lambert de Sonne
  • Heinrich Müller
  • Felix von Seir

Levantia was a Yonderian hard rock band formed in Collinebourg in 1981 by vocalist Jerome Niceau, drummer Lambert de Sonne, guitarist Felix von Seir, bassist Heinrich Müller and keyboard player Javier Fererro. The band signed up with Glargineau Records in early 1982 and released their first album Pretenders under that label in 1983. Since their formation, Levantia has released eleven studio albums, three live albums, three compilations and twenty-four music videos. Levantia went on hiatus in 1995 and reuinted in 1999, initially only for a new years eve concert but in the end the band remained active until their second hiatus in 2009. The band reunited once more in 2014, recording new music and touring once again until going on hiatus again in 2020. The band would reunite again in 2022, finally ending their career in 2030 at which point it had covered the span of five decades.

Levantia rose to international fame in the 1980s with their third album, 1986's The Initial Countup which proved to be a smash hit in Yonderre and worldwide, selling over 5 million copies in Yonderre alone and more than 20 million copies worldwide. The Initial Countup was notably more in the style of 1980s pop music than Levantia's usual hard rock style, combing elements of both genres. Levantia moved away almost entirely from this style already by their next album Nothing Out Of The Ordinary, released in 1988. Regardless the band would continue to be associated with the softer style for the rest of its career, a fact frontman Jerome Niceau loathed.

The band was mainly inspired by Mechänist, Sultans of Swing, Steel Lady, Denial and Zenza


Levantia performing in Urceopolis in 2013

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