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Icslas Levantx
Colony of Burgundie
Lithograph of Grand Levantx in 1896
Flag of the Colony of Levantx
Burgundie Province and Colony Map.png
CountryBurgundie flag.png Burgundie
Capital CityPort Levantia
 • Total77.6996 km2 (30.0000 sq mi)
 • Total184,540
 • Density2,400/km2 (6,200/sq mi)

Levantx is a collection of islands in the Levantine Ocean belonging to Burgundie. The largest and most densely populated island, Grand Levantx, is 47.7 sq km (18.45 sq mi) and is home to Port Levantia. Barcarés; 16.7 sq km (6.4 sq mi), Picea; 8.3 sq km (3.2 sq mi) and the Levantine Atoll Rim Islands 13.3 sq km (5.2 sq mi) collectively, make up the remainder of the island group.

Because of its importance to the trans-Levantine Ocean trade routes, Port Levantia was a bustling city from its establishment in 1596. Founded by members of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company as a port of call, the port grew to a population of 600 permanent residents by 1658. It was a hub of prostitution, trade and ship repair.