Levantx Grand Prix

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Grand Premi de Levantx
Circuit de Port Levantia
Circuit de Port Levantia.png
Race information
Number of times held 77
First held 1954
Most wins (drivers) Nils Mandell (5)
Most wins (constructors) Corse Hermès S.A. (15)
Circuit length 3.337 km (2.074 mi)
Race length 266.96 km (165.92 mi)
Laps 80
Last race (one year ago)
Pole position
Fastest lap
  • Kistan Lucian Walsh
  • Kistan Target Motorsports
  • 1:16.268

The Levantx Grand Prix (Burgundian: Levantx Grand Premi) is a Grand Prix Series motor race held each year on the streets of Port Levantia, Levantx a Burgundian territory in the midst of the Levantine Ocean. The race has been run since 1954 and is considered to have a rising importance to the Grand Prix Series circuit. Since the 1990s the course has become known for its "exceptional grandeur, technicality, and growing prestige."

The race is held on a narrow course laid out in the streets of Port Levantia, with many elevation changes and harrowing hairpin turns. This tends to lead to a "slower race overall" but both the difficulty and stunning views lend to a rather dramatic effect on racegoers, regardless. It is also considered one of the deadliest circuits, claiming over 20 lives in its short tenure.

The race is known for drawing an elite crowd including members of most of the world's cadet royal branches and many business magnates. It has been termed the "Après-ski" of the racing world, with a focus of the crowd being more on whose-whose rather than whose racing. The most prestigious viewing boxes for the race are situated on the bandstand set up at the entrance to the Casino Imperiau. Those financially fortunate enough to secure these seats are often patrons of not only the Levantx Grand Prèmi but of other races in a variety of racing circuits.

In 2006, a group was formed to abolish the Levantx Grand Prèmi or at least change the route to make it safer. Efforts made by the "Committees for the Preservation of Racers", known disparagingly in Burgundie as the "Commies for the PoRs", have largely been ignored except in 2012 when a member of the Committees intentionally entered the motorway and was struck by three racers. The race was postponed but ultimately reconvened four months later. It was noted that the three drivers involved in the collision have not yet raced again. The group was blamed for the emotional trauma suffered by the drivers and the audience and is currently in court proceedings in the Burgundian Lazarine Court. It is rumored that the case is seeking $45 trillion in damages to be paid out to all of those at the race, those who witnessed it on TV or streaming on the internet. It is likely that the court will not find for that amount, but the event did prompt Burgundie to change its broadcasting laws to ensure that all live broadcasts were delayed by 4 seconds to enable a blackout, and increased the liability of organizations for the actions of its members to commit "heinous acts on behalf of their organization or in line with the goals of their organization." This latter outcome is also being appealed in the Burgundian Lazarine Court.

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