Love letters of Joanus

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Love letters of Joanus
Cover of early 20th century print
AuthorJoanus de Martigueux and Ingrid of Dansberg
GenrePoetry collection
PublisherToubourgish monks
Publication date

Love letters of Joanus (Burgoignesc: "Lettres d'amour de Joanus"), originally published as Correspondences of the Count de Martigueux (Burgoignesc: "Correspondances du comte de Martigueux"), is a collection of letters, poems and sketch drawings by Joanus de Martigueux published posthumously in bookform by his vidow Ingrid of Dansberg, first Countess of Yonderre. The book has a foreword by Ingrid and many of the sketches are presented with her comments.

The book was one of the very first in Yonderre to be pressed, being made side by side with the Holy Bible in Toubourg Monastery. It sold well in Yonderre and even the Holy Levantine Empire, and some of Joanus' work became staples of troubadours' and minstrels' performances for centuries to come.