Luddite Life Grenadier Guards

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Luddite Life Grenadier Guards
Country Duchy of Solibris
Kingdom of Ultmar
Allegiance Duke of Solibris
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Role Grenadier Guard
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) Luddites Lurkers
Patron Ailish Ludd
Motto(s) Defend in time and place!
Engagements Great Confessional War
Duke of Solibirs
Ailish Ludd

Organized under Catholic Duke Ailish Ludd of Solibris during the Great Confessional War, the Luddite Life Grenadier Guards were a regiment of grenadiers who preformed valiantly in a number of defensive actions. It is the earliest recorded occidental use of a unit specifically designed around the grenade concept. At the time the technology was so dangerous that the concept took another 150 years to catch on in most armies.