Marée Channel Bridge

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Marée Channel Bridge
Ponte-túnel e Calçada do Canal Marée
Milani portion of the MCC leaving Tuscany.jpg
Carries 6 lanes of the Insui Expwy IH-68 sign with name.png Tropicana Expressway
Locale Tuscany, Milan and Rícardo County, Sanova, Insui
Official name Marée Channel Bridge-tunnel and Causeway System
Other name(s)
  • MCB
  • MCC
  • MCBT
  • PCCM
Website (Official site)
Design Bridge–tunnel system
Total length 183 kilometres (114 mi)
Number of spans 7
Design life 120 years
Construction begin 15 December 2022
Construction end 6 February 2031
Construction cost $ 62.45 billion (R$ 39.78 billion)
Inaugurated 4 April 2031 by Laura Cardoso, President of Insui and Joseline Alarcon, former President of Insui
Opened 3 April 2022

The Marée Channel Bridge (MCB), officially the Marée Channel Bridge-Tunnel and Causeway System, is a 183-kilometre (114 mi) bridge–tunnel system consisting of a series of seven cable-stayed bridges, two undersea tunnels, and nine artificial islands. It is both the longest sea crossing and the longest fixed link on earth. The MCB spans the Marée Channel, connecting Tuscany in Milan and Rícardo County in Sanova in an effort to bring the Ecinian states closer to the mainland. In it's entirety, the Marée Channel Bridge forms the eastern complex of the Tropicana Expressway, a 605.61 kilometres (376.31 mi) stretch connecting Milan, Sanova, and Alexandria.





Sections and elements

Main Bridge

Rícardo County Tollway

Tuscan Coast Highway feeder

Economic effects