Northern Levantine Mediatization War

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Northern Levantine Mediatization War
Burgundian War of Independence
Part of Mediation Wars of Levantia
Charge of the French Cuirassiers at Waterloo.jpg Nicholas Pocock - Duckworth's Action off San Domingo, 6 February 1806.jpg
The Battle of Glendoulufh in 1817 and Closure of the Channel in 1820
LocationKingdom of Ultmar
Result Christensen victory
Modern Burgundie established
Ultmarian League
Principality of DunDrummin
Duchy of Glenmoor
Duchy of Kellersfelt
Duchy of Westmarch
Kuhlfrosi Provincial Militias
Burgundie County Flag.png Duchy of Burgundie (1811)
Marialanus Flag.png Grand Duchy of Dübenneck(1811)
Burdeboch Flag.png Duchy of Zelthus (1811-1814)
County of Meyerby (1811-1815)
County of Konnors (1811-1814)
Christensen Coalition
Marialanus Flag.png Grand Duchy of Dübenneck(1812-1837)
Burdeboch Flag.png Duchy of Zelthus (1815-1837)
Burgundie County Flag.png Principality of Burgundie (1812-1837)
County of Sederbekk (1825-1837)
County of Meyerby
KistanTricolor.png Kingdom of Kistan
Commanders and leaders
Prince Collum VI Archduke Rienholdt XI Prince Kliebold I, King John Doe
123,500 273,060 802,500 (at its peak in 1835)
Casualties and losses
48,944 26,760 205,401


Kuhlfros#The_White_Revolution so as the Kuhlfrosi empire is collapsing, its hold on its border provinces is loosening circa the 1800s then in 1810 the border province of Glenmoor breaks off to join Ultmar and seeks to protection of the Principality of DunDrummin at this time the Principality of Burgundie only controls the Duchies of Dubbeneck and Zelthus on the mainland therefore Zelthus and Dubbeneck are considered part of Kuhlfros @Ultmar since the Kuhlfrosi main army is dealing with internal strife they compel the militias of Burg Zelthus and Dubbeneck to return Glenmoor to Kuhlfros winter falls, they haven't mustered enough troops so in 1811 they finally engage

First Campaign

seeking to overthrow their lords, peasants in Meyerby and Konnors join the pro-Kuhlfrosi Burgundians and soon they take those provinces @Ultmar the Burgundian troops reach the border for Glenmoor, but are met by a large and well trained army paid for by Prince Collum VI of DunDrummin they are embarrassingly repelled and pushed back loosing more then half of the land of Zelthus

Overland War

Burgundian Independence

November 13, 1812.

Christensen Expansionist Campaign

Ultmar Civil War

New Burgundian Secession War

Cadet house of New Burg principality (Napoleon Burgaparte von Cronwitz) blitzes New Burg then invades Ultmar. Foments Ultmar civil war tries to take Vilauristre to secure New Burgundian independence, fails, but forces Burg royalty and govt to flee to Urcea where they rule in exile until 1831. Return with an army of Urceans, Punthites and Burgundian royalists (est. 150,000 soldiers and sailors). Defeat Burgaparte after initial loses, crush Ultmarrian rebels, secure a smaller portion of New Burgundie.

Constituent Royal Republics

Isle of Burgundie



Treaty of Adenbourough

Impacts of the Northern Levantine Mediatization War

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